Streamline Sales Processes with Dynamics 365 CRM

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Zelite helps RA streamline their sales process by leveraging the benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM

About the client

The Academy is a government-owned world class education institution established to coordinate and enhance learning outcomes for organisations and individuals in the safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management sectors.

The Academy is the first in UAE to provide learning in a dual approach, combining academic and vocational education in one place whilst recognizing prior learning and experience and providing accredited and transferable credit from course to course and job to job.  

The Problem

RA was facing challenges in monitoring the progress of clients and students. They were seeking a solution that would provide all necessary features and information for streamlined sales and marketing processes.
Some major issues faced by RA:
1. Unable to streamline leads and keep a tab on their entire sales process.
2. Not being able to trace the activities of the entities, such as students or customers in the portal.
3. They needed an interactive platform for effective management where almost every feature was available at their fingertips.
To help them with their concerns, Zelite Solutions provided them with Dynamics 365 CRM, along with customized solutions that catered to their specific requirements.
A comprehensive Customer Relationship Management software solution was suggested to track the entire customer journey, allowing them to cater to all client needs and track their activities within the portal and prevent missing out on potential leads.

The Solution

Dynamics 365 CRM solution was implemented that met the client requirements for operational efficiency and exceptional customer experiences. This solution helped lower costs, reduce complexity and improve business flexibility.

Moreover, the core skill set of Zelite's tech team rendered a custom solution by adding all the sought-after functionalities and modifications to the CRM portal.
The CRM module was tailored to the academy’s needs, with a range of features included to facilitate thorough analysis and execution.
Furthermore, the following portals were integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to ensure a seamless workflow:

  • VA Portal (Custom Solution)
  • ERP
  • SCS (Learning Management Solution)
  • AD Pay (Payment Integration Gateway)

Industry: Education
Technologies: Power BI, ERP, VA Portal (Custom Solution), AD Pay (Payment Integration Gateway), SCS (Learning Management Solution) Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Solution: Customized solution for the Sales and Marketing department using Dynamics 365 CRM
Engagement Model: Time and Material
Current Phase: Live & under Support Contract
Time Required: 6 months

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - For a Smooth Sales Process

A fully customized Dynamics 365 CRM solution was designed and deployed for RA’s VA portal, along with SCS, ERP, and ADPay, all hosted in clients own data centre. The integrations made resulted in a more streamlined sales and marketing process, driving more revenue for the client.
The newly developed Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provided a clear view of the sales process from start to end, making the sales process more efficient and focused on excellent after-sales support.
The sales support feature allowed students and organizations to raise support tickets whenever they faced issues with the help of web portal. Once submitted, the Dynamics 365 CRM automatically registers the ticket, and the assigned support executive assists the individual in resolving the issue and closing the ticket. This leads to quicker leads passing through the pipeline, allowing the client to close more deals in less time.
We comprehended RA’s working process and created a detailed SRS document based on the information gathered. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution included all the out-of-the-box features needed to meet client requirements. Additionally, Power BI was successfully integrated into the developed CRM, improving the reporting functionality and providing deeper insights into customer needs.
Dynamics 365 CRM, was designed with all the necessary out-of-the-box features, as well as custom solutions.

The following features were included in the solution:

  • The CRM automatically identifies existing accounts/contacts and updates the new leads in the same account/contact.
  • The system has an automatic workflow that converts leads to potential customers based on predefined rules.
  • The CRM can generate quotations in a pre-defined format and send them via email to their customer.
  • The ticket status from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is updated to a custom web application.
  • Any changes made to the information in client’s custom web application will be reflected in the CRM automatically.
  • When an entity generates a relevant enquiry in the custom web application, a product-related enquiry form is auto generated in the Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • After making a payment, the custom web application gets updated with the respective quotation details, along with an attachment containing the details.
  • Whenever the status or position of the generated enquiry is changed in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the custom web application too gets updated.
  • Students and organizations can raise support tickets directly from the custom web application, which are then passed on to the CRM. The assigned agents can then resolve the tickets.


Zelite has provided RA with a tailored solution in the form of Dynamics 365 CRM for their sales and marketing department. This implementation has led to a reduction in the sales cycle and enabled the sales team to monitor the progress of clients at different stages, resulting in a more efficient sales process.
Dynamics 365 CRM has enabled the client to take advantage of its automation feature, allowing them to view the entire customer journey in the CRM and understand at which stage of the sale they are. The customizations made in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM have made scaling customer and potential lead information more manageable than previously anticipated.


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