How IOT is useful in Microsoft Dynamics Field Service?

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IoT recognizes the value of human time, both the time of the client and the service representative. IoT makes it possible to consistently provide top-notch customer support, frequently even before clients are aware they need help. The service economy, as it is currently known, includes connected gadgets. Enterprise businesses can provide the individualized care their clients want and enter the future of customer service with the help of IoT technology.

With a network of Internet-connected devices and an intelligent CRM system, service organizations can:

1. Continuously monitor and collect device data for more accurate analytics.

2. Detect anomalies through remote monitoring and provide proactive support.

3. Perform predictive (instead of scheduled) maintenance.

4. Proactively identify the next best actions for maintenance and repairs.

5. Leverage machine-to-machine diagnosis and self-healing.

Petabytes of data are collected by connected devices. This data may be transformed into actionable insights and prediction opportunities by an intelligent CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which can then automatically balance workloads through skill-based assignments and resource management.

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