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Managing an on-field sales team is an uphill battle. Maintaining communication and connection with outdoor teams is not a walk in the park..

Lack of guidance and assistance directly impacts the productivity and quality of work of on-field employees.

Businesses do know that tools can help them overcome these challenges. But finding the right tool is just as difficult!

If you have an on-field sales team, you will definitely relate to the below-listed challenges. We also have the perfect tool for you that can help you overcome these challenges and upgrade the quality of your work.

So, let's get started.

Challenges Faced By Businesses With On-Field Sales Teams

If you have an on-field sales team, you would definitely relate to the below challenges. These are the most common challenges faced by managers and sales reps.

❌ Sales reps are unable to match the given target. They are missing deadlines to meet prospects, so many appointments are overdue. 

❌ Missing out on important insights and information in spreadsheets due to lack of visibility.

❌ Sales reps are spending more time on the road than with the customers.

❌ Difficulty in analyzing customer information like exact location details, demographics, past interactions, etc.

❌ Wastage of time in planning routes that connect all the customers to be visited in a day.

❌ Monitoring on-field activities.

❌ Poor productivity of team due to lack of tools.

❌ High risk of the team getting demotivated due to less personal contact.

❌ Teaching work processes that are tedious, risky, and prone to error to new joiners.

MappyField 365 – One stop solution to overcome these challenges

MappyField 365 is a geolocation mapping tool that integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM. It plots CRM data on a map, making it easier for managers to visualize tons of data. Apart from that, it helps the sales team by designing an optimized route, helps in finding nearby clients and POIs, live tracking of an on-field team, appointment scheduling, and much more.

Here are the some of the major benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 Map with your Dynamics 365 CRM.

✔ MappyField 365 simplifies the sales process.

✔ It has a mobile application and can be accessed from the desktop via a browser.

✔ Mobile apps simplify field sales teams’ day as it is convenient to keep track of the activities from their phone.

✔ With a bigger picture, managers can visualize prospects and sales teams from the office.

✔ MappyField 365 lets you visualize customers and leads as pins on the map.

✔ Managers can visualize areas with more business opportunities.

✔ They can also create and redesign territories and later use filters for even more specific views.

✔ MappyField 365 helps managers plan their next strategies better by creating sharable optimized routes, finding clients in their proximity, and more.

✔ Utilize gaps by meeting prospects with the help of a proximity search filter. It lets you search around you by using distance or time as the radius.

✔ MappyField optimizes routes for you so that you spend more time with clients than on the road. 

✔ Routes suggested are shortest and avoid every possible situation that can cause a delay in reaching the desired location.

✔ Hence, sales reps can reach their destination on time and utilize every minute of the meeting.

✔ When your sales reps reach for meetings on time, you save your brand from any defamation.

✔ Keep track of on field activities with live tracking functionality.

✔ Monitoring meeting timings because of the auto check-in/out feature. [Monitoring on-field team is not about distrust in them but figuring out which strategies are bringing results and which are not.]

✔ Mappyfield is equipped with powerful features that can help you recognize the gap in the process and quickly overcome it. Thus, it helps you control non-revenue generating activities.

✔ Sales reps can add notes after the meeting is over from the app itself. No need to maintain any other documents or sheets for the same.

Teams that benefits the most from MappyField 365

  • Sales Teams

It equips field sales teams with features that reduce operational overheads and allows them to focus more on conversions. 

  • Marketing Teams

With MappyField 365, your marketing team can plan niche campaigns to generate fruitful pipelines for sales teams.

  • Field Service Teams

Extend your door-to-door services, like repairing, cleaning, collections, and deliveries, more effectively with Mappyfield 365.

  • Delivery Teams

Share optimized routes with your delivery teams and reduce order-to-delivery turnaround.

  • Managers From Office

Enable managers to visualize operations progress, make better decisions with analytics, and monitor teams effectively.

  • Partners, Suppliers & Distributors

With MappyField 365, make your distribution channels faster as it helps you identify nearby suppliers and partners within the territories to grow your business.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to streamline your workflow, it is time you upgrade your routine with MappyField 365. For a more detailed understanding of the product, visit our website, or contact our sales team at You can sign up for a personalized demo or have a hands-on experience with our product with 15 days of free trial.

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