Flexible Work Order Scheduling in Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service has a friendly user interface and powerful tools to help you optimally schedule service calls. It allows you to make the best use of technicians’ availability, and to empower them with the information they need to fix it right the first time.

The Schedule Board is a versatile tool to help you identify the right technician for a service call, allowing you to filter by characteristics, roles, territories, and much more. You can visualize scheduling via a Gantt view, a printed schedule, a map, and a requirements view.

For starters, you can visualize the territories and locations of technicians, helping you find the person closest to the job site to fulfill the service request. And when you have multiple techs in the area, you can filter according to availability, accounting for the estimated time necessary to complete the job.

As an example, you can search for a technician who has a 1-hour slot free in his schedule or one who has the entire week open to complete a more complex assignment.

The Gantt view is especially useful to view the scheduled activities of several technicians at once. You can see what jobs are already assigned, and the blocks of time that are available. It is adjustable to view by hour, day, week, or even month.

Not all team interactions are in the digital space, of course. Dynamics 365 Field service allows you to print the schedule so you can post it on the office information board, allowing team members to visualize their schedule at a glance.

Another view, the Requirements View, gives you a configurable visualization of your activities. For example, you can view unscheduled work orders, giving you quick access to scheduling features that will make it easy for you to assign them to an available resource. You can point and click, or even drag and drop resources to quickly connect them, making short work of your scheduling tasks.

You’re also able to drill down to see greater detail, not only on work orders but on resource availability and other important data. With a clean and organized user interface, deeper insights are available with the click of a button, letting you fine-tune your scheduling options to ensure the workload stays balanced across all available technicians.

Learn more about the scheduling features in Dynamics 365 Field Service with the help of Kayla Rodhe, one of our Dynamics 365 Field Service consultants. In this video, she’ll give you a tour of the scheduling interface, highlighting functionality such as:

  • How to adjust the user interface to maximize screen real estate
  • How to filter resources
  • How to change views for different phases in the scheduling process
  • How the system can automatically select the optimal resources for a work order
  • How to work with travel time

Watch our training video: How to Schedule a Work Order in Dynamics 365 Field Service

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