Transforming Business Insights with Microsoft Power BI

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A top Medical Device company based in Finland engages Zelite for Microsoft Power BI Solution implementation to visualize their sales, finance, and inventory data.

About the Client

The Client is a medical device company based in Finland that focuses on delivering beauty through technology. They offer premium equipment and products in the field of aesthetics, with a commitment to ensuring perfection in their high-quality offerings that set their brands apart. They specialize in non-invasive procedures, aesthetic products, anti-ageing treatments, and beauty clinic equipment.

The Problem

They required a solution that helped to quickly gather, analyze, publish, and share sales, finance, and inventory business data into visual reports. This, in turn, would assist them in making decisions based on perceptual data.
The client was looking to convert their disparate data sets into a data model to create charts and graphs. A system that would use the large amounts of data being produced to transform it into useful visual insights.

The Solution

Zelite Solutions developed a Microsoft Power BI solution which included developing custom reports. Reports related to Sales, Inventory, and Finance were developed with the following parameters.

Product Sales Report

  • Region
  • Business unit
  • Year & Month
  • Customers
  • Sales user
  • Brand

Finance Report

  • P&L Statement
  • Balance Sheet

Inventory Report

  • Customer Aging report

CRM Report

Customer Visit Report

Industry: Medical Equipment
Technologies: Microsoft Power BI Service, SAP HANA, MS Excel, .Net, Microsoft Power BI Gateway
Solution: Microsoft Power BI
Engagement Model: Time and Material
Efforts and Duration: 6 Man-months / 3 months


Based on the client's requirements, Microsoft Power BI was determined to be the finest business intelligence solution by Zelite.

The reports featured user-friendly visualizations for business users as below: 

  • Region and organizational level security was maintained in the reports.
  • The data provided gets analyzed thoroughly meeting the business requirements.
  • Shareholders can easily access historical trends and sales data.
  • A detailed analysis of Medica products can easily be viewed.
  • Different stakeholders are presented with geographic data representation.



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