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Copy clone Opportunity dynamics 365

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, the Opportunity entity represents a potential sale to a customer. It is a record that tracks the sales process from the initial lead to a successful close, including all the interactions and activities that occur along the way. It contains information such as the customer's name, contact information, potential revenue, expected close date, and the products or services being considered.

Many a time, the sales rep wants to create another opportunity with the same details but for a different account. Manually filling in all the details every time is a tedious job. It keeps the salesperson busy with manual data entry instead of his core job, which is selling. It also increases the chances of silly errors, which are prone to happen in a monotonous, tedious job of entering the same fields again and again.

In this blog, we will discuss with an example how sales reps can clone/copy opportunities in just a single click and increase the time spent on doing their core vital jobs rather than manual data entry.

Clone/Copy Opportunity Entity Manually

Jim, a salesperson at an IT solutions company, is always on the lookout for ways to streamline his work and make his job easier. One day, he comes across a challenge where he needs to create an opportunity record with similar details to an existing one, but with a different account.

He can create a new opportunity manually using the traditional way, but it would require a lot of effort and could be quite tedious. So, he went to Microsoft AppSource to see if there is any cloning app for the same.

Clone/Copy Opportunity Entity Manually

Jim discovers a powerful cloning tool that can help him simplify this process - Click2Clone. With this, Jim found that he can clone/copy multiple Dynamics 365 CRM records in just one click, making the iterative task of manually duplicating records a thing of the past. And what else? The app by Inogic is also listed as a preferred solution by Microsoft. And it comes with a 15-day free trial so that he can see if Click2Clone meets his requirements or not.

Copy Opportunity

So, let us see how Click2Clone can help Jim fulfil his Dynamics 365 CRM opportunity cloning needs with just a click.

Create a Cloning template

To clone opportunity records using Click2Clone, Jim will have to first create Click2Clone templates for the opportunity entity.

Cloning template

Once the template is created, Jim goes to the opportunity record he wants to clone.

Cloning template


Once he clicks on the Click2Clone button, selects desired clone template, and hits “ok”, opportunity records will be cloned. As you can see, the prefix (-Copy) is also added to the name so as to distinguish the original record from the cloned one.


Clone Opportunity Product Line Items with Click2Clone

Many times, Jim comes across sales opportunities with similar products, and manually adding the same type of product items to a new opportunity record would become time-consuming and inefficient for him.

He was amazed to know that with Click2Clone, he can clone opportunity records along with their product line items by creating a child Click2Clone template for opportunity products.

After creating the child clone template, Jim goes to the desired opportunity record for which the product line items are needed to be cloned.


Click2Clone Once Jim clicks on the Click2Clone button, selects opportunity product clone template, and hits “ok”, product line items will be cloned along with the opportunity record.


This is how salespersons like Jim can clone the Opportunity entity and its product line items with Click2Clone to save time, quickly respond to customers, reduce human errors, and boost productivity.

Sounds like just the right solution for all his record cloning needs!

Impressed by how Click2Clone proved helpful for Jim? If you also want to try the app for your business needs, then you can get it for a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

With various features of Click2Clone, users can clone any OOB or Custom entity in Dynamics 365 CRM with a click of a button.

Here is a brief overview of Click2Clone’s useful features:

  • Clone multiple records with just a click of a button.
  • Create multiple copies of a CRM record with a click.
  • Automate cloning of records with workflows.
  • Copy records from one entity to another entity.

Useful, isn’t it?

There’s much more about how Click2Clone can help. Feel free to mail us at for a personalized app demonstration or to ask us any queries on implementing a record cloning solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Say goodbye to manually copying records in Dynamics 365 CRM!

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