5 Ways a CRM System Can Level Up Your Business

You’ve heard all the buzz surrounding CRM systems, but what can a CRM do for your specific organization? Learn the 5 ways a CRM system can level up your business, and help you hit your unique business goals out of the park.


Improve Customer Service 

CRMs keep track of all customer information and their associated interactions in one consolidated location. This makes it easier for the user to see account history, and portray correct information to customers. Thanks to CRMs, customer service representatives can provide better customer service through the ability to see updated and centralized customer information.  

Increase Sales and ROI 

One of the things CRMs are most known for is their ability to streamline the sales pipeline. When sales processes go smoothly, more deals close, and customer satisfaction improves. With a CRM, an organization can better organize its deals, leading to more business opportunities. CRMs also keep track of sales data, so you can track deals and opportunities  With a comprehensive view of your sales data, and simplifying your sales pipeline with a CRM, your ROI will increase.

Reach Target Audiences 

An efficient CRM provides a plethora of avenues to target your audiences.  Knowing how to portray messaging on social media platforms, webpages, social media, and email marketing is crucial in the marketing world today. A CRM can help you customize how you are communicating with your various audience segments. Because CRMs track customer information, you can create segments and lists to categorize your contacts into groups and create customer journeys unique to their responses. For example, one organization used Dynamics 365 Marketing to target specific groups based on where they live and what they are interested in. This leads to customers receiving information that most pertains to them and gives the sender a higher customer response rate. 

Enhance and Simplify Processes 

A CRM system enhances and simplifies business processes in several ways by creating things like dashboards, sales quotes, or templates. An example of a CRM simplifying a process is when flows are created to move a task from one project phase to the next when completed. For example, once a deal is signed in a CRM, it can automatically alert the accounting team to complete the next task in the process. Give your users time back by automating and elevating some of their routine processes with a CRM. 

Elevate the User Experience 

Making sure your employees (users) are empowered to do their best work is key to sustainable business growth. You want your employees to enjoy their work, and do so efficiently. Because a CRM keeps sales, marketing, customer services, and more information in one place, users save time searching for needed information. One process a CRM can enhance is the ability to update customer information on the go. Many CRMs have a mobile app/version that allows users to view and edit data from anywhere. Additionally, most CRMs sync daily, allowing users to have access to the most current information. Learn how one insurance firm was able to raise employee satisfaction with the benefit of being able to update user accounts from their mobile devices. 

Ready to Level Up with a CRM? 

The right CRM system can level up your business, and be customized to meet your needs. If you are looking for help selecting and implementing the right CRM, contact JourneyTEAM today.  

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