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Customer service defines the ethics and vision of your business. Sell and forget attitude is not applicable nowadays.

Business is giving different training to employees on how to communicate with customers and ensuring they have the best experience buying products or after-services.  

Things can be streamlined when offering customer support or service online. There are tools and processes for sales reps to follow.

However, it is extremely difficult to keep track of anything when you have an on-field sales team.

Managers have negligible visibility of ongoing field activities. They don’t know whether their team members are efficiently working or not. Agents don’t have any proof to show whether they visited a client to managers.

A lot of employees take advantage of such a situation, while some have no proof to show even after working hard.

The other difficulty while managing the on-field team is tracking working hours. As there is a lot of traveling involved, it is hard to keep track of meeting timings.

If there is no proper data, your agents might be overworking and feeling burnt out. You might observe a decrease in the productivity of your team.

All these reasons can impact your brand image and growth. These reasons go against the growth you are expecting.

To resolve all these issues, you need a geolocation mapping tool like MappyField. This tool can help you visualize the on-field activities, keep track of all the meetings, employees' productivity, and much more.

As a manager, you can plan your team members' schedules. From the list of clients to routes connecting all the clients, a lot of information needs to be shared with the agents.

With the help of MappyField, you can plan visits for team members. For example, you want Agent Cherry to visit 10 clients. Without any planned or optimized route, Cherry has to enter all the location details individually in her Google Maps. 

The process is time-consuming and risky. There are chances that she might make a mistake while entering the location details. This will end up with her somewhere else. She will miss her meeting, and this will create a negative impact on the client.

Cherry and other agents can have peace of mind with MappyField. Managers assign clients to different agents. MappyField will create an optimized route for them. These routes are sharable.

Managers will send links to routes connecting all the clients to their respective agents. Agents can access these links from their phones via Google Maps or Bing Maps. 

The optimized routes are the shortest possible route to the destination. It avoids routes with extreme traffic, tolls, road closures, etc.

Thus, once the managers share these details with their team, they must open the route link in Google Maps, which will guide them to reach the location.

The next step is to track the on-field activities. As MappyField has a fully functional mobile version, it works as a tracker. Managers can see the live location of their team, the routes they follow to reach the location, the time of reaching the location, and more.

MappyField has an auto check-in and check-out feature. So, when any agent enters the radius of their desired location, the app will automatically check-in. 

Thus, the check-in time will be automatically noted. If the agent reaches the location after the meeting time, the app will ask for the manual check-in, where they have to enter the reason for reaching late. This request straightaway goes for the manager’s approval so that they know the reason behind reaching late.

The other major advantage is that agents cannot make false entries. Managers often complain about their agents not reaching for appointments at all. They receive complaints from clients that their agents did not show up. Not showing up for a pre-scheduled meeting creates a negative image of your company.

It can also impact your relationship with your clients. Earlier managers had to keep asking agents whether they met all the clients or not. They also cross-verified it with the clients.

All this shows distrust in the process and the employees. Such an environment can have a negative impact on your company’s culture.

Only technology can help you streamline the process, and what is better than MappyField? It is a perfect tool for Dynamics 365 users like you.

The Dynamics 365 map plugin seamlessly integrates with your Dynamics 365 CRM. All the CRM data is visible on the map. 

It has a lot of filters for more specific data on the map. MappyField improves the visualization power of managers. It becomes easy to visualize tons of data on a map.

On the other hand, managing teams also becomes so much easier. Managers can track the performance of on-field teams. Live trackers help managers suggest new leads to the agent. If they know where their agents are, they can share the high-priority cases, and it will be immediately implemented.

When everyone works collaboratively, it becomes easier to grab new opportunities and complete high-priority tasks.

You can treat your employees well if you know how much work they are doing. You will have the total time spent in a meeting, in traveling and in other miscellaneous activities.

You can make changes in your team's schedule based on these timings. As a manager, you can ensure none of your team members is overworking in order to complete targets. You can give realistic targets which they can achieve in the given time frame. 

If they have enough time before the meeting to prepare themselves and enough time during the meeting to convince the client, they will be able to deliver better results.

If you are still confused about how MappyField will help you and your team/employees, book a demo with us. It will be easier for you to understand the features and use cases if you see them yourself. We also have a free trial version for you to try and test the tool. Feel free to contact us at or visit our website at

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