How a Dynamics 365 Portal can Prove to be Transformational for your Business

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While running a business, you must come to terms with the fact that not all customer experiences will be excellent. Some may be unsatisfactory - but just how much does a singular unfavorable experience cost your business? Research tells us that people are prepared to pay $1,506 to cancel deals beforehand because of an isolated negative experience. In addition to this, research says that 25% of people will swap providers after one negative experience, and around 30% of all customers will share their poor experience in one way or another. In this digital age, with every second person having some form of social media, brands cannot risk letting their customers down.

The old look of customer support has changed with emerging technology. People these days prefer following solution tips online over waiting on a call or writing to a company. The internet has brought about an era of self-service, meaning companies cannot rely on customary methods of communication. And this is where the need for a customer portal comes into play. Nowadays, it has become imperative that companies implement a dynamic CRM portal where they can gather information for their end-users.

Do You Need a Customer Portal Solution?

Modern-day customers require and expect a well-oiled self-service experience.

These days, challenges for brands are not limited to identifying customer issues. They include looking for new, creative ways to deliver the best possible outcomes. A customer portal gives you an attractive platform that allows your customers to connect with brands, providing a customized space to manage their support requests and linking them to relevant customer support resources. It can be said that a customer portal reduces communication barriers and technical issues between customers and companies.

Given below are the key indicators which tell you that your business is in need of a Dynamics web portal solution:

  • The services you provide involve sharing and exchanging relevant documents consistently.
  • You wish to extend customer support without recruiting more employees.
  • You plan to implement an automatic ticket system that lets customers raise and track issues at their convenience.
  • You want to provide direct access to quotas and invoices to users.
  • You want to allow customers to arrange online payments.
  • You wish to issue customer invoices directly.

A recent study shows that about 67% of customers prefer choosing a dynamic CRM portal over speaking to a representative. This is going to stay in vogue as society becomes increasingly familiar with the technology. This is why it has become important for companies to embrace CX solutions.

Applications of a Client Portal Solution

A good customer portal presents you with plenty of opportunities to upgrade your support processes, including giving customers a platform to resolve problems by themselves and creating a substantial community of dedicated users. You can have access to all tools sans the involvement of developer assistance when you use a dedicated Dynamics CRM portal solution. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of a CRM customer portal and its benefits.

  • Customer Expectations? It Can Meet Them

A big reason to have a customer portal is that your customers will expect you to have one. This means that customers can have access to background information like offer announcements, feature announcements, FAQs, solution articles, etc. An organized and orderly customer portal makes it easier for end-users to find what they are looking for.

Thus, we can concur that a superior CX leads to increased brand loyalty, increased customer retention, and increased engagement. All customer portal solutions and their collective benefits should cumulate to make a great overall customer experience (CX).

  • Support Costs Are Lowered, and You Can Build a Community 

Customer portals impact revenue and costs. You can save significantly on support costs when you use customer self-service portals. The cost of resolving issues via telephone support is four times that of customer self-service support. It has been statistically proven that customers are likely to find answers on their own.

A great benefit of this portal is that it builds a community of users that is connected to your products. This means that your support team will not need to spend all their time answering the same sort of questions of all the customers because customers can just seek help from others in the community regarding similar issues. This will save your company a ton of resources and time. There are companies that require training/demo sessions, for which a customer portal is very useful and can play a part in mitigating costs. All you need to do to take advantage of this is integrate a learning center in the customer portal.

  • Build a Community 

One of the best advantages of using a Dynamics CRM portal is that your customers are able to help each other. This creates a large and wide-reaching community of dedicated users of your product. An ideal customer portal solution should provide your customers with a platform to suggest ideas, share their experiences, ask questions, and above all else, a place to interact with other users.

This improves brand name and increases customer loyalty. Customers who have been associated with their products for a good amount of time can be found on the most active forums. They are the people that help newer customers with their queries. Using the portal, the community can bring to the attention of the product managers some features they wish the products to have.

  • No Delays

Customers believe that “fast is the new satisfactory.” They want instantaneous solutions on all devices, all the time. They certainly don’t like being put on hold and passed around to various customer service reps because that means they have to spend more time. That’s why Dynamics 365 portal is the perfect solution: they deliver 24-hour support swiftly. Customers do not have to wait around for answers anymore.

  • Online Portal Combine Information Services

A well-designed customer portal does so much more than traditional support methods. It can help with knowledge management, online community, CRM, in-depth training, etc. These customer portals can be your primary archive and gateway for every customer need.

With a look that feels uniform, the customer portal components can make a portal with a brand and forge a strong message about customer loyalty. This creates an image that says your customers are at the core of your business.

All customer portals should possess the uses and applications mentioned above. However, there are some additional major features that one should look out for before taking on a customer portal solution.

  • By implementing a Dynamics CRM portal, you can keep your customer portal data and all its related components necessary for the comprehensive view of customers.
  • A knowledge base platform is essential for your Dynamics 365 portal. All you must do is keep your content updated. From time to time, you should get a gap analysis done, which helps you know what answers your customers seek.
  • It is imperative that you integrate your CRM with your portal and make customer interactions available to sales and marketing.
  • If you offer a service or product that is technology-based, make sure to keep your customers aware of the upgrades by sending them emails.


Dynamics CRM portal solutions are directly proportional to the support a business provides its customers. It stimulates self-service, makes it easier for customers to get in touch with the company, and provides relevant information

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