Hiring A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer: Why and How

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Hiring A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer_ Why and How

It is undeniable that Microsoft Dynamics 365 products will boost the value of your products for customers. There is a high demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers, making Microsoft Dynamics popular. Companies, no matter how big or small they are, are willing to take the effort to hire remote developers that can work with Dynamics 365. This CRM aids you in elevating your business processes, with its biggest advantage being automation.

Now, there are certain requirements when it comes to hiring a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer. Allow me to walk you through the process, starting with an introduction to the CRM, why you need one for your business, and, lastly, a guide on hiring a Microsoft-certified developer.

Let’s get started:

Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an assortment of intelligent business applications that let you engage with customers, build a relationship with them, and improve operations, all of which lead to business growth. This is a comprehensive solution for your business, bringing together multiple processes like on-field operations, customer services, and sales all in one place. Using Microsoft Dynamics, the expert oversees all these processes by means of different modules that include ERP and CRM. This empowers your workforce and, additionally, appeals to the best talent when it comes to hiring.

Why Do You Need A Microsoft-Certified Developer For Your Business?

All large and small businesses (and every business in between) require some important features, all of which are provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365. A positive customer experience is possible if you have features that are personalizable, flexible, and that can be merged with your existing workflow effortlessly - this is the goal of every company. Let’s get into the numerous benefits of hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer:

  • Microsoft-certified developers have displayed a detailed cache of knowledge of integrating, implementing, planning, and updating CRM services, in addition to substantial experience in doing so.
  • These developers provide you with adaptable business skills and processes for every requirement.
  • The developers provide excellent technical support, should you require it at any level of CRM development, including resolutions and consultation for any customer query around the clock.
  • They are adept at using the latest tools and technologies, which makes your CRM development successful.
  • Microsoft Dynamics developers possess the know-how of predictive analysis with real-time insights, which includes Power Business Intelligence and Azure.
  • They have the technical aptitude required for different modules such as MS Dynamics CRM, NAV, GP, etc.
  • By incorporating specific tasks into a streamlined CRM solution, they can help the whole organization.

Hiring A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer: A Step-By-Step Guide

In the distant past, the knowledge a CRM developer needed to have was limited to the product and how they could put it to the client’s requirements. These days, they have to take it three steps forward. If you think your plate is full, then you should look into hiring a Microsoft-certified developer. Their job descriptions include directing customers to the best approach in building integration of Dynamics 365 with different apps.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Purpose

Business owners looking to hire developers have to first define the purpose for hire. They must figure out what experts they need. You need to have a concrete reason for hiring a remote Dynamics NAV Developer. You must be certain about the MS Dynamics functionality needed, whether you need a developer for upgradation, fixing bugs, or customization. The most common requests for Microsoft Dynamics development are third-party integration, system updates, requests for change, development, and testing.

  • Requirement: Team or Professional

The next step after figuring out your purpose is knowing what entity you should hire. Do you require a freelancer who specializes in MS development or an in-house expert, or do you need to outsource the work to a company? This is an important step in your research. Your best choices for a complicated issue are an in-house expert or an outsourcing company. Outsourced development companies have the most elite developers, which makes them the most reliable, versatile, and creative problem solvers. Freelance developers are also some of the best people in the field, but they do not owe allegiance to any particular business and are free to leave your project any time they want. This makes them unreliable compared to the other two.

  • Expenses 

Everyone is on a budget, especially businesses. Among other expenses, they need to establish how much they are willing to spend on Microsoft Dynamics developers. With a set budget in mind, you can get a clear idea of the number of developers the company can afford to hire. In theory, it’s a good idea to check the average rates for all three options: freelance, in-house, and outsourcing companies. Whatever the cost may be, you should make sure that their skills match up with your requirements. You should definitely look into hiring a remote Microsoft-certified Dynamics CRM Developer, as they have strong expertise and a good amount of experience under their belt.

  • Qualification Level

The quality of the work, in conjunction with the money that you pay for it, are your best indicators when it comes to picking a professional that is at the correct level for Dynamics development. There are experts called ‘solution architects’ who are top-tier developers and who have the highest price on the market. They are highly sought after as they are able to provide prime solutions in what feels like no time. On the other hand, there are mid-experience developers who have strong field experience and don’t cost as much. You could also hire junior developers if the tasks are simple or for just troubleshooting. Whoever you pick, make sure their skills will hold up to that particular project.

  • Interviewing Developers

Before you set about interviewing candidates, you must carry out thorough research, which helps you know what to ask. The interview questions alone are not enough. Make it a point to check the developer’s portfolio beforehand. Given below is a list of questions that can be used while interviewing candidates:

  • Ask about their experience in the field and the qualifications for that work.
  • Ask if they have a portfolio for related projects. If they do, make sure to check it out.
  • Ask if they have any certificates, awards, or customer feedback from previous work.
  • Ask about their method of delivering reports of tasks they complete and any supporting documents.
  • Ask if they are comfortable working in different zones.

While making a note of the answers themselves, make sure that you ascertain how prepared they are and, in particular, how they explain time estimates and budgeting. They should be flexible enough to work with any requirements that may crop up. Moreover, make a note of the expert if they have a custom use case of another project or project similar to the one you are currently working on.


Considering the aforementioned points, the overall process of hiring a Microsoft 365 Dynamics Developer is an easy one if you know the purpose behind it. You can hire a Microsoft-certified developer from us as we have experience working with different industries and the right certificates.

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