Dynamics 365 Field Service Lets Your Team Work from Anywhere

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The ability to work offline in Dynamics 365 Field Service is a valuable benefit.

For employees working out of the office, accessing and entering necessary data can be an awkward process. Technicians often work in areas where access to their systems is limited.

You can empower your teams with access to everything they need. They can access data, take photos, attach documents, and save notes on a tablet or other mobile device, even without online access.

Technicians can download information onto their devices, and any information entered can be synced to the server later. Not only will this boost your technicians’ morale, but your customers will also appreciate it. They’ll have current status updates, accurate invoices, improved analytics, and seamless processes throughout their experience. And satisfying customers has everything to do with repeat business.

Working offline in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Access and update work orders on the job

With the Dynamics 365 Field Service app, technicians can see work orders assigned to them, view the location of the job on a map, and get routing information. On the go, technicians can update the work order status, for instance, indicating that they are on the way, working on the job, or have completed the job. Work order details are presented clearly and may include account data, nature of the problem, priority status, arrival time frames, cost lists, etc.

Create purchase orders on the go

The Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app also allows you to create purchase orders offline. A technician might walk into a hardware store, locate a needed item, and create a purchase order on the spot. Without having to return to the office or the store, he can go to the job site and finish the task. This level of efficiency is priceless when customers are anxious about the job being completed ASAP. It saves so much running around and is sure to result in positive change throughout your workforce.

Add information and accept signatures with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Technicians can add relevant information to original work orders right in the app, even when offline. No more remembering or jotting down manual notes to transfer in later. That inefficient approach almost begs for lost information.

Now your field reps can take photos or videos, store drawings or sketches, create voice recordings, and attach documents. Everything will be synced to ERP once they are online again. Capture signatures electronically or even automatically generate invoices and email them to your customer as soon as the information is synced. And in the spirit of true collaboration, when the next sales rep, technician, or customer service agent works with that client, they’ll have all the information they need. They can provide the personalized service expected by loyal customers.

Track time and expenses with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Your team wastes valuable billable time if they have to wait for internet access before recording their time and expenses. The figures are more likely to be accurate when they register time and expenses on the spot. Give your technicians the ability to enter billable time and expenses offline and also to document any non-billable time so it can be calculated separately. That will help managers track actual labor costs compared to the amount billed. You’ll have more insight into your expenses and can perhaps improve processes, budgets, and forecasts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service offers all these offline mobile capabilities and so much more to help your business. From intelligent scheduling to customized analytics, an integrated field service solution implemented by Western Computer can help your field service center succeed like never before.

Manage your employees en route or at the client site with Dynamics 365 Field Service. 

Want to see how it works? Watch our webinar to see Dynamics 365 Field Service in action, and contact us today to speak with an expert. Put our 30+ years of experience to work for your business.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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