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Mistakenly assigning a high-priority task to a resource who is on leave and realizing this mistake at the end of the day while taking an update.

Such unlikely scenarios are common and can happen to anyone. Managing big teams and multiple projects without a tool is like fighting a losing battle.

Unclear work schedules, no visualization of ongoing tasks, no track of completed work, etc., will impact your quality of work, which will then impact your customer service.

Some day-to-day challenges faced by organizations

Working collaboratively on the same task makes even difficult tasks easy. But bringing so many employees together at the same time and date for a small discussion is more difficult. Every resource is occupied with multiple tasks and has different commitments. Finding the right time that fits everyone is very difficult while working in groups. Other than that, having a proper visualization is what is missing when you don’t have access to the employee’s daily schedule.

Rescheduling meetings due to guest unavailability

Scheduling a meeting of 5 or more people is not as easy as it sounds. Asking everyone for their availability and then finalizing a time is tedious and time-consuming. Even after doing this, some of the invitees might not show up because they either forgot about the meeting or they already had a meeting at the same time, which they forgot to mention before. All this leads to the rescheduling of a meeting because of the invitee's unavailability. The work will be affected, and the time of the invitees who were ready for the meeting will be wasted.

Lack of visibility of team’s work

When multiple resources work on the same project/task, it becomes difficult to understand each individual's role, especially when working remotely. So, for instance, if you don’t know who will be working on the design part of some task, it would become hard to communicate. Unclarity in teamwork, and lack of communication creates unwanted confusion.

Improper distribution of work

When you don’t have clarity on the ongoing task of employees, any additional work you assign to them would either force them to overwork in order to complete it, or they would not have enough work to justify their work hours. So, without knowing the resource's daily work schedule, assigning new tasks will create imbalance in their work. In completing everything that is assigned to them, either the quality of work will depreciate, or the tasks will remain incomplete. 

How to overcome these challenges?

You can overcome all these challenges at once with a simple plugin!

Calendar 365 is an easy appointment scheduling and activity management tool. It is a Dynamics plugin that integrates within your Dynamics 365 CRM. 

Calendar 365 comes with three different calendars, so you don’t mix up tasks, and any important task is never missed.

  1. Resource Calendar [Resource + Activity Management]
  2. Customer Calendar [Complete Sales Lifecycle]
  3. Entity Calendar [Choose from CRM Entities]

Complete view of ongoing activities

  • Resource calendar gives managers a complete view of available resources, tasks assigned to those resources, ongoing/completed tasks, and much more. The task status can be changed from the Dynamics 365 calendar itself to open, in progress, waiting for customers, or closed.
  • Managers can view the status of any resource’s schedule. You can have a look at their schedules before scheduling a meeting. Thus, the chances of rescheduling the meeting will reduce.
  • If managers wish to assign new tasks to resources, they will already know whether they are occupied with any tasks or have any other commitments. The priority status of resources’ tasks will also be listed there. Thus, they will know whether they can assign a new task to a particular resource or not. If a resource does not have any high-priority tasks in their schedule, managers can assign urgent high-priority tasks, if any.
  • When working for big teams, knowing each other's schedules can make communication much simpler. Teams can see each other's tasks along with task status. Thus, everyone would know whether the said work is completed or not. Calendar 365 makes it easier for teams to stay on one page and avoid any type of miscommunication.
  • Resource Calendar ensures you don’t miss out on any task. Calendar 365 simplified tracking activities and its impact can be seen in the output of the task. No member of your team has to overwork. Everyone gets enough time to nicely complete their work. When employees work with their full efficiency, the quality of work also improves.

Wrapping Up

The discussion makes extremely clear the importance of a Calendar and its impact on the daily activities of an organization. Thus, if you wish to improve your customer service, investing in a Calendar plugin will be more beneficial than a standalone calendar scheduling software. The reason is that in standalone software, you have to use a third-party extension to integrate your Dynamics CRM, whereas if you use Calendar 365, which is a Dynamics 365 plugin, you eliminate the long route of integration via a third-party extension. You save money and effort and get more customization, flexibility, and ease of use. 

To know more about Calendar 365, contact our sales team at sales@appjettty.com.

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