The Best Dynamics 365 Conferences in North America to Attend in 2023

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Now that the world has opened up again, are you wondering which Microsoft Dynamics 365 conferences you should attend this year?

Conferences are great for You to get a feel for a variety of subjects in a short two to three day period with bite sized sessions (60-75 minutes) or attending a full or half day workshop for more comprehensive training. There are a bunch of conferences being held in North America with great coverage of Microsoft Dynamics.

Vice versa, when you are looking to train and support your users, think of us at VisualSP so we can support you to provide contextual training and guidance to your users.


To make it easy for you to decide which Dynamics conference in North America would make the best sense for you, we blogged about the ones we have been to in the past and our own experiences from those conferences.

The conferences we covered:

  • Dynamics Community Summit
  • DynamicsCon Live & DynamicsCon Online
  • Directions North America
  • Power Platform Conference
  • 365 PWR EduCon

Check out the blog article here that details our perspectives from each of these Dynamics conferences.


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