The 3 Methods of Training and Supporting Your Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) End Users

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Long gone are the days where you had to pack people into a physical class and that was the only way that training could be conducted. You now have multiple options to properly support and continuously train your Dynamics 365 CE users.

Following are the three methods of training that when combined together deliver excellent results for increasing usage of your Dynamics CE environment while reducing the support queries and frustrations of users at the same time.


On premises training

The face to face interaction in groups or one-on-one situations is still a possibility for many organizations. However, most companies have concluded post-COVID that this is not the most efficient way, nor practical in many cases, to conduct this type of training on regular basis. Bringing the staff together in person a couple of times a year might still be doable, but doing it more frequently is not cost effective and very difficult in our hybrid work model for most companies these days.


Remote training

Throughout the pandemic, the Teams and zoom calls for training users became the predominant way that we transferred knowledge to our users. The good thing was that we could reach anyone around the world quickly and efficiently that way. However, that forced experiment also proved that remote training online can be extremely tiring for employees since you are expected to be staring at the screen the whole time. Remote synchronous training should definitely be used for training employees as long as it's not abused and becomes the hammer we use each time to try to transfer any type of knowledge.


In-app contextual training

The third method that's been catching a lot of momentum the last few years in that of in-app contextual training. This most modern method of training provides a way for our users to get the work instruction they need without leaving their live production environment. In-app training within Dynamics 365 CE shows the most relevant information to users in context of their own environment, within the flow of their work and at their moment of need.

The following animated image shows how contextual experiences can be implemented within an interface, using a tool like VisualSP, on top of a Dynamics 365 CE environment for users to get the help they need within 2 clicks and 10 seconds.


When a blended training approach is used to combine on premises training, remote training and in-app contextual training, it produces the most effective result for ongoing training and support for our users. Reach out to VisualSP if you would to like to learn more about how to implement this training blend for your users.


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