Reduce Your Support Burden for Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) with Context Sensitive Support and Training

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What is the best way to reduce the onslaught of support tickets coming your way from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) users?

Make sure users have the information they are looking for within 2 clicks and 10 seconds.

Sounds good? Let me show you a couple of possible ways that you can make that happen.


Default out-of-the-box experience

First, let's look at the default experience that Dynamics 365 CE users get if they click on the question mark (?) at the top right within the Dynamics CE environment:


This is honestly more for the Dynamics admin and almost useless for an actual user who is not going to bother digging into the Dynamics documentation.

You want to avoid this experience as much as possible so your users don't end up getting a bad taste in their mouth and then bugging you thereafter with all their questions.


A good quick fix

Did you know that you can enable a functionality within Dynamics 365 CE called custom help panes and guided tasks to instantly provide some context sensitive support to your users?

It would take 5 minutes for even the slowest Dynamics 365 CE administrator to make this change and would result in the same useless questions mark (?) becoming much more useful to your users with context sensitive support material presented to them.

Here are the steps to turn On the custom help panes and guided tasks functionality:

  1. Click on the settings gear
  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings
  3. go to System --> Administration --> System Settings
  4. In the General tab, look for Enable Custom Help Panes and Guided Tasks option and click on the Yes radio button

That's it!

Here's what the experience will be like when a user clicks on the ? icon once you turn on this functionality.


They will immediately start seeing context specific support links from the Microsoft docs documentation. Meaning, depending on which table you are looking at (Contacts, Leads, Accounts, etc.), it would provide you suitable support information for that context.

I see this as a "good enough" type of solution that Microsoft provides for free that you can turn on easily and provide a better experience to your users right away.


A much better solution

If you Really want to take the context sensitive support and training for your users to the next level, then consider checking out VisualSP's Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for Dynamics 365.

VisualSP is 10 times more powerful than the custom help panes and guided tasks solution and completely supported by our dedicated team who want to see you get increased user adoption of Dynamics 365 in your environment while lowering your support ticket count and eliminating the same questions you get again and again...

Here's a quick snapshot of what VisualSP can look like in your environment:


VisualSP plugs in easily within your Dynamics CE environment and immediately starts providing value with a few dozen Dynamics CE fundamental content that we have created and keep curated.

Then you can create your own in-app content to supply policies, guidelines, "how to" info, and communication to your users using interactive guided walkthroughs, scheduled announcement banners, inline help and more.

If you want to see exactly how VisualSP would look within your own environment, grab a 14 day trial and see for yourself.


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