Mind Map Visualization of Complex Family Structures, Trust Fund Beneficiaries & Entities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

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Businesses around the globe are increasingly adopting visualization tools to easily understand and make sense of massive amounts of data and represent it as actionable insights to stakeholders and business owners.

Let's look at how data visualization tools used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can boost business productivity in the wealth management industry.

Consider the case of a financial advisor who works for a wealth management firm that specializes in managing generational wealth. To manage and keep track of complex family structures and trust fund beneficiaries, the financial advisor will have to spend a significant amount of time switching between various entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Only if there was a way to visualize complex family structures and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records relationships in an interactive mind map view would this be possible.

Inogic's Map My Relationships, a Microsoft AppSource preferred app, provides a simple mind map view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records relationship.

Map My Relationships app makes it simple to navigate to related records by eliminating the need to switch between related entities. Users can thus visualize information at a glance, resulting in time efficiency, quick decisions, and quick task completion.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

Continue reading to learn how the useful features of this amazing tool can help wealth management firms meet their data visualization needs.

360-Degree View

While interacting with clients, financial advisors can visualize Records relationships by adding Map My Relationships as a control on the required entity form. Suppose, James, a financial advisor, wants to visualize client Allison Brown's family structure, he can add Map My Relationships control to the contact form and visualize Allison Brown's entire connected family structure in a mind map view.

This will give financial advisors a way to visualize critical data in a single view, allowing them to present complex family structures to clients in a simple and quick manner.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

View Record Details 

Map My Relationships app enables financial advisors to take a quick view of record details by simply hovering the cursor over the respective record within the mind map view. For example, if users require a quick summary of a family member's data, they can simply hover over the record's node on the mind map view.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

Drill Down to N-Level Records Relationships

This feature allows financial advisors to drill down to the N-level through the records and visualize related records within the relationship view. This improves understanding of how records are related to one another and allows for faster information-based decisions.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

Perform Quick Actions

In addition to visualizing records relationships, Map My Relationships enables financial advisors to perform quick actions such as Phone Calls, Appointments, or Adding a Reminder directly from the mind map view. For example, if the financial advisor wants to meet with the client to discuss their financial performance, he can click on the record node present on relationship view and then click on the 'Appointment' button to perform the action.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

Aggregation and Grouping

With Map My Relationships app, financial advisors will be able to see the aggregate value associated with the records in the relationship view. Assume a financial advisor wants to know the contact entity's aggregated value. He or she needs to simply double-click the contact node in the relationship view, navigate to the individual record, and hover over it.

Mind Map View of Dynamics 365 CRM

Financial advisors or wealth managers will be able to handle multiple projects quickly with all of these features. They can navigate through multiple Microsoft Dynamics 365 record relationships, have a 360-degree view of record relationships, perform quick actions, and quickly check aggregated values.

To visualize the relationship associated with any record, add Map My Relationships as a control to the required entity form.

If you're interested in trying the app, you can get this must-have Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM data visualization app from our website or Microsoft AppSource today for a 15-day free trial.

Please contact us at crm@inogic.com if you would like a personalized demo of the app or more information.

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