Machining Company Manages Surging Growth with Dynamics 365 BC and Sales

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Founded in 1979 and based in San Diego, CA, V&P Scientific’s mission has been engineering innovative research equipment, including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and private manufacturing products. V&P Scientific specializes in machining and 3D printing tools for scientific research. Today, V&P Scientific manufactures nearly 2,100 products at its 8,000-square-foot facility. Learn how they are managing surging growth with Dynamics 365 BC and Sales.

V&P Scientific relied on legacy systems for both ERP and CRM, but with unprecedented growth due to the demand for COVID testing solutions, a massive update was in order. In addition to requiring modern cloud-based technology, they also wanted an integrated ERP/CRM system that would link all their data in real-time, allowing it to flow automatically between the two solutions.

Benefits of integrating Dynamics 365 BC and Sales for Manufacturing Companies

Integrating ERP and CRM would eliminate manually rekeying information into both systems. And it would provide immediate visibility into the status of their business.

The V&P management team and Western Computer solved the challenge of scaling with their surging business by deploying two Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions: Business Central (ERP) and Sales (CRM). They briefly considered  NetSuite and SAP for the ERP platform but turned to Business Central for its ability to integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Western Computer,  a leading provider of Dynamics 365 solutions, has a history of success working with manufacturing firms. The team at Western Computer set up Business Central to manage finance, manufacturing, and inventory and configured Dynamics 365 Sales to handle marketing, sales, and customer service workflows.

It’s now easier for V&P Scientific to track inventory and capture costs on each bill of materials. That makes it easy to measure product margins. The Power BI reports from their ERP data allow them to track inventory, sales, and costs accurately.

Benefits of cloud technology for ERP and CRM Systems

V&P Scientific has offices in Houston as well as in San Diego. Now they can conduct meetings in Microsoft Teams and easily access the information in Business Central and Sales. The applications are all part of the Microsoft ecosystem. And with the integration to Power BI reports, they can pull data from Business Central without leaving Teams.

In other business areas, V&P Scientific uses CRM to manage marketing programs. Their customer relationship management has improved with the transparency of all email exchanges with customers. The customer service team can track a product or item, and access documented conversations about returns or defective products.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM has become the go-to portal for every aspect of client management.

The flexibility of Sales coupled with the structure of BC has proven to be the perfect combination.

Western Computer, a Gold Microsoft Partner, used its expertise in Dynamics 365 and its deep understanding of the manufacturing industry

The Western Computer team helped V&P Scientific’s employees avoid the overwhelm of moving from legacy solutions to robust ERP and CRM platforms. They took the time to narrow the focus to the capabilities they needed to learn first and supported them every step of the way.

Western Computer is a nationwide Gold Microsoft Partner founded in 1987. We have a strong belief that innovation should never stop, nor should our commitment to the success of our customers. More than thirty years later, our dedication to excellence is stronger than ever.

We have proudly grown and evolved alongside our customers. We've helped hundreds of companies across the US and Canada transform their business to be more efficient, profitable, and competitive. Our passion for empowering people is witnessed every day in the relationships we build, and it’s incredibly humbling to know our customers consider us a part of their team.

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