Hiring the Perfect Dynamics 365 Developer: What it Takes

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Hire Dynamics 365 Developer

There is a great demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers these days, which clearly indicates Microsoft Dynamics development's acclaim. Large and medium tech conglomerates are looking to hire remote Dynamics 365 developers to enhance business processes and gain from automation. It is evident that Microsoft Dynamics 365 products add real value to an enterprise.

Let's check out some prerequisites you should keep in mind while hiring a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer. Below, you will find a thorough process, beginning with defining Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a step-by-step plan for search, ending with tips on interviewing a developer.

Let's begin:

Microsoft Dynamics 365: What is it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of intelligent business applications that allow you to interact with customers, develop relationships, enhance operations, connect, and grow your business. It is an all-inclusive business solution that brings together business processes like customer services, field operations, and sales. A skilled Microsoft Dynamics developer oversees all these business processes via different modules, including ERP, CRM, etc. It enables employees by attracting and hiring the finest talent.

Why Do You Need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer for your Business?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes require some essential features from their applications, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with all of them. Every business wants features that are easy to customize and can be merged with the existing workflow to create an excellent customer experience. Here's a list of the main benefits of hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer for your company:

  • Microsoft developers have wide-ranging experience and detailed knowledge of outlining, planning, implementing, merging, updating, and supporting CRM services.
  • They offer expandable and adaptable business processes and skills for all your business requirements.
  • They provide first-class technical support at all stages of CRM development or upgrade, including consulting or clearing up customer queries with 24/7 technical support.
  • They have proficiency in using the latest tools and technologies to facilitate CRM development.
  • They possess the Knowledge of Predictive Analytics with Real-time Insights, including Power Business Intelligence and Azure.
  • They have the knowledge of multiple modules like GP, NAV, MS Dynamics CRM, etc., and the latest architecture.
  • Microsoft Dynamics developers can assimilate specific tasks into a centralized Dynamics CRM solution that the entire organization can use.

Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide

The days of simplicity are gone; CRM developers need to know more than just the product and map it out to the client's requirements. They need to navigate the customers towards a desirable approach to building integration with other applications. If you have a large number of tasks for them every day, then it is a good idea to hire a CRM developer.

Here's a look at some steps that will make the process of hiring a Dynamics 365 Developer easier:

  • Ascertain Your Purpose

You need to define your purpose before you set out to hire a remote Dynamics NAV Developer. You have to be sure of the functionality of the individual you are hiring - do you need a developer to customize MS Dynamics, upgrade platforms, or to fix bugs? Frequent, common requests for Microsoft Dynamics development are related to system upgrades, change requests, ISV solutions development, integrations with third-party systems, etc. You must figure out your paramount requirement.

  • Do You Need a Team or an Individual?

Who do you want to hire - an in-house expert, outsource it to a company, or a freelance MS developer? This is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration when you start your research. If you are in need of a complex solution for your large/medium/small-sized business, in-house experts or an outsourcing company are the two best options. Outsource development companies employ the crème de la crème of developers, making them more reliable and flexible in regards to scaling. If we are talking about complex solutions, then hiring freelance developers puts you at a disadvantage because they may decide to move on to another project, quit for other reasons, go on vacation, or just do the work at their own pace.

  • Cost

You have to determine how much your company will spend on Microsoft Dynamics developers. Having a clear budget in mind gives you a good idea of the number of developers you can afford to hire. You have to browse through the average rates of different developers, which will include outsourcing companies, in-house experts, and freelancers. Ensure that your requirements and the skills of the developers are perfectly aligned.

Keeping the cost in mind, it's safe to say that your best bet would be to hire a remote Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer who has good experience and expertise.

  • Qualification Level

It is important to choose the right level of professionals for Dynamics development when it comes to the quality of work and cost-efficiency. Solution architects, who are top-tier developers, have the highest prices on the market because they give you high-quality solutions in less time. If you are looking to cut down on costs but still get someone with strong experience, you can always hire mid-experience Dynamics 365 developers. Conversely, on the other hand, if the task is simple, you can hire junior developers. You should make your selections in accordance with the skills required for a particular project. This way, you can determine which level is best suited for your project/task.

  • Interviewing the Developers

Before you start interviewing developers, be well prepared. The interview conversation is not the only source of information about that particular developer's skills. Make sure that you check the developers' portfolios before you interview them. You can make a list of questions to ask the potential candidates:

  • You can ask them about their experience in the field along with their qualifications.
  • You can ask to see their portfolio in related projects.
  • You can inquire if they have any certificates, customer feedback, or professional awards.
  • You can ask about the delivery method of their completed work reports and other supporting documents.
  • You can ask them if they are comfortable working in different time zones.

While they answer these questions, make sure that you check out how they explain project time estimation and budget, in addition to how well-versed they are. Moreover, check if they have a custom use case for the same or other projects you are working on. They should be willing to adapt to your requirements.


In general, the process of hiring a Microsoft 365 dynamics developer can be a success if you understand the purpose behind it. Knowing where to look and whom to hire are the next steps. CRMJetty has Dynamics 365 developers who have a varied experience. Please contact us to know more about our projects.

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