Demos of Top Marketing, Business Process, and Digital Adoption Tools in the MSDW Spring Showcase

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has become one of the most powerful CRM solutions available on the market today. With every new release comes a host of new features that solve real-world problems, helping sales representatives to be more productive and efficient – and most importantly, to sell more.

Of course, no system has every feature you could possibly need. However, with the rich ecosystem of add-on solutions in the Microsoft space, the functionality you need for your specific needs is within your reach without having to resort to custom solutions that are expensive to develop and difficult to maintain.

For example,

  • Are you looking to expand your reach through marketing automation?
  • Are you searching for an easier way to define business processes and enforce business rules to ensure consistency in your organization?
  • Are you struggling with user adoption and looking for an easier and more affordable alternative to instructor-led training sessions?

Microsoft Dynamics World (MSDW) and CRM Software Blog are presenting the Sales and Marketing Tools Showcase for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM). Three especially useful add-on products from our ISV partners will be featured with product demos so you can get a feel for the tools in action

About Our Three Presenters and Their Products

emfluence. The emfluence Marketing Platform is ranked by users as having the highest quality of support and the easiest-to-use marketing automation platform in the Microsoft Channel. Integration with Dynamics is easy to set up, customize, and manage. Digital marketing agency support is available, including email and marketing automation strategy assessments. See how they can make marketing automation with your Microsoft Dynamics easy, efficient, and as flexible as you need it to be.

Inogic. Business Process Checklist (BPC), a newly launched product from Inogic, is a business process tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users that simplifies the creation and enforcement of business-specific playbooks, guidelines, and policies at every stage of the process. The checklists serve as requisites for every stage and help in implementing business-specific rules in the process. Users can create these checklists against any out-of-box or custom record in their CRM system. This is the perfect tool to help you automate and scale your repeatable business processes and enable guided selling while ensuring process compliance.

VisualSP. Increase usage and adoption of Dynamics 365 CE and Power Apps by 3X while reducing support tickets by up to 50%. Many VisualSP customers have seen these kinds of results with our award-winning in-app Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), built from the ground up to support Microsoft enterprise software users. A 100% Microsoft Azure-based platform, VisualSP overlays seamlessly on top of your live Dynamics 365 CE or Power Apps applications. Deliver your policies, guidelines, announcements, governance, and 'how-to' training through interactive step-by-step in-app contextual experiences. More than 2 million employees around the world currently benefit from the VisualSP platform, and their organizations have reported saving more than $6 Million in support costs and productivity gains.

Watch Now!

Watch showcase so you can see how these exceptional solutions can increase your marketing reach, help you ensure consistent experiences, and provide the training and support your users need. All of this will contribute to increased productivity and greater profitability.

Watch here: Sales and Marketing Tools Showcase for Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Users  

By CRM Software Blog Writer,

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