Achieve Deeper Integration of Adobe Marketo Engage with Dynamics 365 CRM using the SSIS Integration Toolkit

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Is it Possible to Integrate Adobe Marketo Engage with Dynamics 365 CRM Sales?

Widely considered one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms, Adobe Marketo Engage helps marketing teams improve their performance through content personalization, cross-channel engagement, experience automation, sales partnership, and marketing impact analytics. It plays a key role in the marketing for major enterprises such as CenturyLink, Charles Schwab, GE Panasonic, RingCentral, and Roche.

With a host of powerful features and tools for almost any type of contact or campaign, it’s a marketer’s dream. However, it doesn’t take the place of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution; rather, it is for marketers what Dynamics 365 Sales is for salespeople.

Yet, in today’s digital economy, data is king, and an organization with data in disparate systems isn’t able to capitalize on it fully. What’s worse, duplicate data, or dirty data, can make coordinating efforts between departments all the more challenging.

Why Integrate Marketo with Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)?

There is a long list of benefits that come from integrating these two cloud solutions.

  • Track Customer Behavior. Visualizing the progress of leads, not just at the top of the funnel, but all the way through to the sale, can give you insights on how to improve your lead cycle. You can identify how users access your site, what they see, the frequency of their visits, when they decide to purchase, contact information, and more.
  • Customize your Campaigns. Leverage your marketing and CRM data to broaden your campaign reach while personalizing your interactions.
  • Real-Time Sales Insights. As the Sales team works with qualified leads, they have access to all the historical data on those leads, including how they interacted with Marketing’s advertising efforts. This allows them to tailor their interactions for maximum effect.
  • Efficient Content Management. Improve the quality of your promotional material by using data from both sales and marketing. Leverage that content, customize it for each campaign, and add additional elements.
  • Consistent Data in All Channels. Keep data synchronized while avoiding duplication and manual entry errors. Connect that clean data to your websites, apps, social media, and more.
  • Manage Leads Like a Pro. Once customers are drawn in, marketers can tailor advertisements and promotions to customers’ tastes. Integrating with Dynamics 365 Sales eases the handoff from marketing to sales, improving efficiency and reducing mistakes throughout the lead lifecycle.
  • Scale Up Your Email Marketing. Customizing email communications is key to attracting the interest of potential clients and getting them to act. Foster long-lasting relationships as you leverage CRM data to personalize your messages based on the individual’s interests, habits, and personal statistics.
  • Account-Driven Marketing. Combining the data from both systems helps you see the big picture, and most importantly, the potential of the customers and prospects you already have. Target the accounts with the highest potential, and work together as a team to move them through the sales funnel quickly. What is more, you have revenue-based account monitoring, proven lead management capabilities, tailored cross-channel interaction, and account tracking and identification in a unified platform.

How to Integrate Marketo and Dynamics 365 Sales

Adobe does provide a built-in integration for Dynamics 365, but it only synchronizes a small subset of data and runs in batches throughout the day. You may see the need in your case to go beyond the basics to get deeper data insights or to improve performance.


KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition

With the SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition, KingswaySoft provides the ultimate toolset that can accomplish any simple or complex integration of Marketo and Dynamics 365 Sales that you can imagine. Here are some of the features and advantages of the Toolkit:

  • High Performance. The components are tuned to achieve the fastest data transfers possible.
  • Cost-Effective. The SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition is reasonably priced, often below that of other less capable or less performant solutions.
  • Flexible and Powerful. Backed by the SSIS ETL engine, you can create the most sophisticated integrations imaginable while giving you the control to work with only the data that you need.
  • Marketo Components. Specially designed to work with Marketo data, these components ensure data is stored and retrieved from Marketo’s database quickly and error-free. They also provide full support for Marketo Custom Objects.
  • Duplicate Data Detection. Makes sure the integration doesn’t introduce duplicate data – and verifies it based on specified fields.
  • API Throttling. To avoid costly overruns or account lockouts, you can ensure that the Marketo API limits are respected by your integration.
  • Full Security. Powered by modern cryptography and authentication technologies for secure connections, such as TLS 1.2, OAuth2, SHA-256, etc.

How SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition Helps Others Integrate Marketo with Dynamics 365

Todd Shelton, Chief Technical Officer at CSG Services, comments on their experience integrating Marketo with Dynamics 365 using the SSIS Integration Toolkit. “KingswaySoft helped us solve some very challenging problems when a customer asked us to build a Marketo-to-Dynamics-to-Marketo integration. At a very modest cost, Daniel and his team provided CSG with a responsive, high-quality SSIS component development shop. We would not be able to build this expertise in-house, but even if we could, I would still choose KingswaySoft.”

Next Steps

Does your organization currently use Marketo and Dynamics 365? Or are you considering integration with another product? The SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition can help you integrate Dynamics 365 and Marketo with virtually any other application or database system.

Contact us today to find out more.


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