3 Performance and Scalability Tips for Model-driven Power Apps on the go!

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Microsoft is continuously improving its Model-driven app in Dynamics 365. Microsoft is investing in this cutting-edge technology to deliver a more intuitive and adaptable user experience, as well as streamline the development process for developers and partners. The latest upgrades to the Model-driven app are abundant, including elevated performance and scalability, amplified customizability, improved integration with other Microsoft technologies, reinforced security, and compliance features, and much more. Moreover, these enhancements pave the way for increased adoption of model-driven apps on mobile devices. With a streamlined mobile experience that is user-friendly, organizations can encourage their employees to take advantage of the app's capabilities on the go, resulting in improved productivity and better overall business outcomes.

How to enable model-driven apps for offline use

The new Mobile Offline feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows users to interact with the platform even when there is no internet connection. To enable the model-driven apps for offline use, follow the steps outlined in the guide, which involve navigating to powerapps.com, selecting the model-driven app to be enabled, and setting the necessary options in the app designer. The tables in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM also need to be enabled for offline use. To add tables to an offline profile and apply filters, navigate to powerapps.com, select the app to be enabled, and go to the mobile offline profile to add tables and set the sync frequency. Finally, publish the app and download the data onto your mobile device to work in offline mode. In conclusion, the Mobile Offline feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides users with the ability to work seamlessly even when there is no internet connection.

Two easy ways to embed Model-driven apps in Microsoft Teams

Model Driven apps can be easily embedded into Microsoft Teams, thereby promoting teamwork and collaboration, making it a useful feature for organizations. In summary, the process of embedding a model-driven app in Microsoft Teams involves selecting the desired app from Power Apps, selecting Add to Teams, and either adding it as a personal app or as a tab within an existing channel or conversation. To add the app as a tab, the user must download the app in a compressed zip file format, upload it to the Microsoft Teams app catalog, and finally, add it to the desired team or channel. Thus, adding a model-driven app to Microsoft Teams allows users to collaborate and work on the app efficiently within the Teams environment. By embedding the app as either a personal app or a tab within an existing channel or conversation, users can access the app without having to leave the Teams interface.

New enhancements to Model-Driven Power Apps on mobile!

The latest enhancements in model-driven apps for mobile devices and tablets provide several new features that can help users be more productive and efficient. By locking the tabs at the top of the form, users can easily switch between tabs at any time, even while scrolling through the form. The Mobile Commanding Improvements feature hides certain buttons and makes the command bar more compact and readable, making it easier for users to access the commands they need. The Native Mobile Date Time and Native Mobile Inputs feature makes date and time control and keyboard input more intuitive, based on the settings of the mobile device or tablet. The Tablet Optimization for Command Bar feature replaces the native command bar with a new web command bar, providing users with a more visual and accessible way to access and use the commands. Overall, these enhancements provide a better user experience for those using model-driven apps on mobile devices and tablets.

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