You Don’t Have to “Do CRM” Anymore: Introducing DialoguePrime for Viva Sales

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The idea of “doing” CRM implies that something is broken, difficult, or just not enjoyable to do somewhere in your journey to win and keep customers. And who wants to use something that, regardless of its eventual value, is more work than it is worth? When the juice is not worth the squeeze, people get frustrated and stop using applications like CRM. As with most technology implementations, people will not adopt the use of CRM if it does not meet their expectations. And your number one expectation as a CRM user is that it gives you insights about customers so that you can win them, keep them, compel them to buy more, and tell others about you. For most sellers, that insight comes from conversations buried deep in notes, emails, phone calls, or in someone’s brain. It is in their CRM system for more disciplined salespeople, separate from the tools they use daily to interact with buyers. Getting that intelligence to CRM can be challenging when you want to optimize your time and stay focused on the moments that matter. Getting the same insight from CRM directly from where you interact with customers (chat, email, Teams, etc.) has been a challenge… until now.

Today you can increase the effectiveness of customer relationship management by using DialoguePrime for Viva Sales to focus on two essential elements of CRM: the relationship and the management.

First, from the “relationship” aspect of CRM:

  • DialoguePrime for Viva Sales helps you identify relationship elements of your conversations with customers that need attention, no matter the channel you use to interact with them. The conversational analysis element of DialoguePrime for Viva Sales identifies keywords that represent potential relationship deterioration that often leads to customer churn.
  • DialoguePrime for Viva Sales helps you evaluate the sentiment of customer conversations and suggest next action to manage customer expectations and build stronger relationships.

From the “management” aspect of CRM:

  • DialoguePrime for Viva Sales gives you access to essential customer insights (customer and opportunity details, service case details, and customer activity across your organization) directly from Outlook and Teams, where most of your conversations with and about the customer happen.
  • DialoguePrime for Viva Sales allows you to create new contacts and add information to CRM and a centralized view of the customer from where you usually interact with customers and your peers.

Learn more about how DialoguePrime for Viva Sales can make customer acquisition and retention more functional, easier, and enjoyable through conversational intelligence.


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