Why MappyField is the Best Mapping Tool for Dynamics 365 Users

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Businesses using Dynamics 365, when searching for a mapping tool, often make the mistake of choosing a standalone app. These apps require additional CRM integration, and it adds up to your cost.

So, a better option for a mapping tool would be a plugin.

The best mapping tool for businesses using Dynamics 365 is MappyField 365.

MappyField 365 is the ultimate solution for your business if it includes peer-to-peer meetings with clients.

For more information, let's dig in deeper to know what all MappyField 365 has for you.

Make all your teams productive

A business can only grow when all the teams work efficiently. MappyField 365 uplifts the performance of sales teams, on-field teams, managers, and various others with its features. 

Find out how different things can work efficiently after integrating MappyField 365 with your Dynamics 365 CRM. 

Boost Your Sales Teams Performance 

Every growing business aims to empower the sales team with tools for strategizing, goal setting, and much more because they play a huge role in converting leads. 

Your marketing team can have campaigns and advertising plans, but without proper market analysis and improper planning, how will the sales team know which prospect to approach first?

The answer to this complex situation is data. Your team needs more effective visualization of data. That is when MappyField 365 comes to your rescue.

 When you have a mapping tool like MappyField 365, you can better visualize your data because:

  • There are symbols and icons to differentiate data and create a compelling visualization of all the ongoing activities.
  • Any CRM entity can be visualized through color-coded heat maps. Sales team can easily know the most active sales area so that they can target those regions in their plan.
  • You can sort data by geographic boundaries (zip codes), territories, and drawings on a map. 
  • Create narrow search results with filters for better understanding.
  • Proximity search shows all the clients available around a certain radius. 
  • Route optimization gives clarity on routes and timings 

Improve the Productivity of Your Field Service Teams

Door-to-door services are full of challenges. Tracking the on-field team to ensure your customers get the best service from your end includes a lot of small factors.

For example, you might be offering services like package deliveries, cleaning, repairing, consultation, or anything else that requires one on one interaction with clients. 

All these services include traveling to clients' locations. As a company, you will need data on time spent in meetings while traveling, an overview of meeting discussions, and more. Sales reps will need client location details and directions to that location. 

All these functionalities are available in MappyField 365.

Managers can assign clients to their teams and optimize a route connecting all the client locations. This route is shared with the sales reps. The routes are optimized in a way that they reach the desired location on time. 

Once they reach the location, MappyField 365 will auto check-in, and once the sales reps leave, it will check out. Sales reps can also add notes about what was discussed in the meeting. 

Thus, with the route optimization feature, sales reps don’t have to search locations one by one. They will be able to complete their tasks on time. After using MappyField 365, you will clearly see an increase in the productivity of your team. 

A sorted system saves them from frustration and overwork. They can work efficiently and bring in more sales.

Track On-field Activities from Offices

Handling an on-field sales team is not an easy task. Managers have no idea where their sales reps are, whether they have met all the clients, what was discussed in the meeting, etc.

Calling sales reps for updates is not a feasible option. You might disturb them while they are in a meeting or driving. But what if you want to share something important to them, like a new lead or information that should be shared with the clients during the meeting? 

You have to call them. But what if the sales rep doesn’t pick up the call because they were driving or their meeting has already started?

MappyField 365 has a solution for these problems. Managers can see sales rep's location with the live tracking feature. Moreover, with an auto check-in/out feature, managers can see whether the sales rep is in a meeting or not. 

They can also view the notes added by the sales reps after the meeting. Thus, managers neither have to wait till the end of the day to get the meeting updates nor do they have to keep calling their team for updates.

MappyField 365 also helps you ensure every meeting happens on time. If the sales reps reach the client's location late, the tool will not auto-check in. They have to manually do it and give a valid reason for the same. This will go for approval with the managers. Only once it has been approved it is considered valid.

Hence, managers can ensure every meeting is conducted on time even though they are in the office.

Quicken Your Supply Chain 

MappyField 365 lets you see all the clients around your location or the location you choose. To make the distribution channel faster, you can easily find the location of the clients that are nearest to you. So, if the orders are coming in from these locations, you can quickly deliver the order.

You can use the proximity search feature for all your warehouses. Search the clients around each warehouse and give them fast delivery options. Your customers will enjoy the fast delivery service. This will be one more reason for customer satisfaction. 

Offering such service to clients builds their trust in you, and they might prefer your company for all their next purchases. It's a very simple yet effective way to turn customers into loyal customers.

Mobile App for Field Reps

MappyField 365 has a fully functional mobile version. So when sales reps are out meeting clients, it works as an tracking tool. Their work hours, meeting hours, break hours, everything will be included. It is like proof of work which earlier was hard to give to your sales reps.

On the other hand, managers also had no actual figures in hand to make necessary changes to the schedule. If the sales reps had enough work or not, are they overworking to get their work done - there was no digital data that could prove this.

Sales reps will have a route optimized especially for them with details like reaching time and the route with the shortest distance. Thus, this will directly boost their productivity as they don’t have to waste time understanding and looking for locations.

Fully Configurable

Having a tool that has all these features and filters for more specific information does not mean you have to give access to all these to everyone in your company. 

You have full rights to configure the filters, quick actions, etc. As per your business requirement, you can have certain global configurations that everyone requires.

For personalized views and to fulfill team-specific work requirements, you can have user-level configurations. These user-level configurations will include the configurations that you allow.

Thus, you will have full control over what and how much your team can do with the tool.

Keeping in mind the language diversity, MappyField 365 supports all languages. You can choose the one that you understand and feel comfortable working in. 

Final Words

There is still a lot that MappyField 365 has to offer. You will have a better idea if you actually use the product or sign up for a demo. We suggest taking a demo and then using MappyField 365 for a few days. In case of any queries while or before using it, contact our support team; they would be more than happy to help you. MappyField 365 is the most affordable Dynamics 365 map plugin for Dynamics 365 users, and it is getting better every day, so try it once before investing anywhere else.

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