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Hello, and welcome back! In this second episode of our two-part blog series, we dive into Inogic development services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. If you haven’t caught Part 1 on Inogic professional services, read here on Inogic Techno-consulting professional services.

At Inogic, our team of talented, experienced, and certified engineers and consultants have helped businesses automate key processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Inogic’s Dynamics 365 professional services consultants provide a 360-degree service by starting with a requirements analysis consultation and then developing and building a custom-fit solution that makes use of a strong core platform to give the functionality and advantages that the customer requires. This technique guarantees that the final solution is suited to your business-specific needs and delivers optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Inogic has been successful in helping Microsoft users execute their Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions by providing qualified CRM specialists to fill gaps and accelerate development timelines. Inogic has the experience and product depth for any CRM configuration or customization needs, including Power Apps-specific implementation services. Below are seven different ways to utilize Inogic Dynamics 365 development services to simplify and increase customer productivity.

Outsourced Development

The Dynamics 365 outsourcing service lets organizations hire Inogic resources to handle the setup, customization, and ongoing development and maintenance of their Dynamics 365 systems. By outsourcing these services, organizations can benefit from the expertise and experience of Inogic's development team, as well as the cost savings that come with not having to maintain an in-house team. Additionally, outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core activities and be more productive, while Inogic handles the technical aspects of the Dynamics 365 system.

Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC)

Businesses can profit from having talented resources without making a long-term commitment by contracting with Inogic since they can easily scale up or scale down depending on the project requirement. Furthermore, Inogic's Dynamics CRM offshore development services include a specialized delivery centre that meets all of the enterprise's needs, such as infrastructure setup, software specialists, software development, design, quality testing, security audits, business operations, and more. When there are long-term major projects or a series of projects connected together, Inogic's Dynamics CRM offshore development helps deliver faster.

Dedicated FTE Development

Inogic's Dedicated FTE (Full-Time Employee) Development solution aligns a dedicated team of Dynamics 365 and Power platform professionals to work full-time on a single project for a specific customer. This provides resource availability and the greatest personnel as full-time professionals willing to work with and grow with the businesses over time. The staff assigned to the businesses will be solely focused on the project at hand and will even the minutest details of the project, ensuring that it is done on time and within budget.

Integrations with Dynamics

Inogic’s integration with Dynamics entails integrating CRM tools into other Microsoft solutions, online portals, business intelligence apps, and ERP systems to remove the need to switch between tools, resulting in increased productivity, more concluded sales, and higher business profits. With Microsoft Dynamics Integration, Inogic aids enterprises in automating their process and making better decisions. Inogic's Integration with Dynamic Services assists firms in meeting their integration demands, which are driven by external trends, business needs, and system variety.

ISV/Partnership App Development

Inogic focuses on core Microsoft and Power Platform solutions that enhance business value. Inogic assists ISVs in performing jobs more effectively, operating more flexibly, maximizing application automation, and transforming digitally. As a top Microsoft ISV Gold Partner and with Microsoft coding standards, Inogic focuses on a wide range of solutions, each critical to an organization’s success. The Inogic team also has vast expertise dealing with independent software vendors (ISVs) and can collaborate with in-house IT teams or work independently to upgrade, create, or just bug-fix an existing product.

Data Migration

Inogic understands that when businesses consider adopting a new system, they do not want the uncertainty of huge amounts of downtime, business disruption, or worse—the possibility of lost data. With Inogic’s Dynamics 365 data migration service, businesses are able to quickly define their unique requirements, expertly configure customizable options, and easily deploy a compliance-safe game plan. With more than 15 years of experience, Inogic ensures that their highly skilled technical architects will collaborate to understand business objectives and IT strategy, as well as execute the migrations.

On-premise to online migrations

In the world of innovation, it's a cloud-first world, and on-premise versions of Dynamics 365 CRM are on their way out. With bulk of innovation being generated on the platform's cloud edition, performing a successful move requires extensive product experience. Inogic has extensive experience with both on-premise and cloud-based deployment methods and can assist businesses with their migration without sacrificing usability, accessibility, or efficiency. Inogic has established the skills and structured approach to expedite the end-to-end migration process, providing faster and more effective SSIS installation with the KingswaySoft toolkit framework.

Inogic provides a portfolio of development services to assist organizations in transforming their customer interactions and creating unique experiences. Inogic assists businesses in modernizing processes within their firm by reducing the hurdles that prevent ideas from becoming apps. With a team of over 100 developers and industry-specific experience, Inogic can help businesses scale the size and scope of their projects, gain insights from customers, analyze data, automate processes, and create solutions tailored to their specific goals and needs. Not only will this boost team performance, deepen awareness of client demands, and decrease labor expenses, but it will also assure process efficiency.

For more information or a free quote for your development requirement, please visit our New Services website for more details, or mail us at to learn more about Inogic Professional Services.

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