How sales can use Microsoft Power BI

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While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides customizable dashboards to visualize your data, Microsoft Power BI is one of the most powerful business intelligence solutions today. Power BI takes your data analysis capabilities to the next level, and Microsoft has made it even easier to leverage this robust BI solution, thanks to the Common Data Service and integrations between Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Here's how your sales team can use Power BI to drive their sales and obtain better insights, directly from within Dynamics 365!

Real-time data for actionable insights

One of the key challenges that sales face is obtaining reliable, real-time data. Imagine not knowing how many leads you’re trying to close on a weekly basis! Power BI dashboards and reports provide all the information you need, and refresh it periodically to ensure it’s always up to date. Sales managers have all the visibility they need on their team’s performance and key metrics such as win rate, conversion rate, revenue, and more. From there they can take concrete action to improve results.

Customizable sales dashboards

Various users have various needs, and not everyone needs to look at the same information. One of Power BI’s strengths is the flexibility it provides users. While templates are available to get you started quickly, Power BI lets you create customized dashboards with simple drag and drop – no code needed. These will let you do everything from monitoring the opportunity in your pipeline to comparing sales based on your criteria, not to mention make better decisions thanks to sales projections and revenue trends.

Different data sources for better reporting

If you’re using data from various sources, it can be difficult to pull the information and it often results in lots of manual manipulations. But thanks to the Common Data Service and improved integrations, Microsoft has made it incredibly easy to connect Power BI to your other data sources to combine sales data with information from other databases and departments, such as operations or marketing. This improves your decision-making and the synergy between the sales team and other departments.

And these are only just a few ways Power BI can be used by sales to improve their performance and insights, directly from the Dynamics 365 Sales module! Microsoft provides free Power BI sales template apps to get you started quickly, but if you really want to take things to the next level, make sure your Dynamics 365 CRM partner has a BI expertise in place to help you unleash the power of Power BI.


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