MS Bookings Vs. Calendly: Which One is Right for You?

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Calendly and MS Bookings are the top appointment scheduling softwares that many businesses are currently using.

But are they the best choice for Dynamics 365 users?

There are a lot of compromises D365 CRM users have to make while using those. You might not realize you are paying way too much for limited features.

Find out how Calendar 365, the most affordable Dynamics 365 calendar plugin, can overcome all the challenges you face while using scheduling apps.

MS Bookings Overview

Microsoft Bookings is an appointment-scheduling app for Microsoft 365 users. With an easy-to-use interface, appointment scheduling and management become much easier. Customers can easily book, reschedule or cancel appointments with its booking link.

It works best for small businesses for appointment management with customers. There is an option for recurring meetings to make the booking fast and easy for both customers and business owners.  

To use MS Bookings, you need to have a Microsoft 365 subscription. You cannot use MS Bookings as a standalone app. It is available from MS 365 Business Basic plans starting at $5 per month. If you are already subscribed to a plan, you can instantly start using it without any extra payments.

Calendly Overview

Calendly is a booking software designed to manage and schedule appointments, using which you can create appointments and show time slots for customers to book online. If you are already using any other calendar like Google Calendar, Calendly lets you import your existing schedule.

With a wide range of features, Calendly is suitable for businesses of all sizes. As it is a standalone app, you don’t necessarily need MS 365 subscription to use it. Its basic plan starts from $8 per month.

For advanced features, you have to go for higher plans. So even if you are a small business and have a few users, you have to purchase a higher plan if you want to use advanced features. 

Microsoft Bookings Vs. Calendly – Ultimate Comparision

Features Microsoft Bookings Calendly
Integration Supports integration with only Microsoft Apps Supports integration with third-party extensions like Zapier
Group Scheduling  Not Available Yes, with a premium plan
Employee Scheduling Not Available Not Available
Outlook, Google Calendar Sync Outlook only Available
Customized Reminders and Email Notifications Standard Notifications Not Available
Multi-language Support Supports all the languages Supports only 7 languages
Time Zone Detection Not Available Available
Pricing Requires office 365 subscription plan, starting at $6/month Starts $8/month + Zapier charges for CRM integration

Calendar 365 – A Wiser Choice than Calendly and MS Bookings

Dynamics 365 users, when they choose MS Bookings, require an MS 365 subscription. With limited features and scope, MS Bookings might not be the ideal choice for fast-growing businesses or enterprises. 

And when Dynamics 365 users use Calendly, they have to pay extra to third-party extensions like Zapier to integrate Dynamics 365 CRM. Even if you have few users, you have to pay high monthly charges.

Forget both this scheduling software. We have a better suggestion for you.

Calendar 365

It is an appointment scheduling plugin for Dynamics 365 CRM users using which you can allow your customers to easily book appointments. As it is a Dynamics plugin, you don’t have to pay third-party extensions for CRM integrations.

Calendar 365 is loaded with features that will simplify not only appointment scheduling but also resource and customer management. With customizable filters, it ensures you make the best use of CRM entities.

For Dynamics 365 users, it is the most affordable way to have appointment scheduling software. To have a little more information, check out how Calendar 365 is better than Calendly. Also, find out which is better when we say Microsoft Bookings Vs. Calendar 365. These blogs will give you more understanding of why we emphasize choosing Calendar 365 over the other two.

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