The Ultimate Guide on the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite

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The Ultimate Guide on the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used Document Management System (DMS) and document collaboration platform. Using Microsoft SharePoint to store Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents and make it the way of handling Dynamics 365 document management is a quite popular choice.

These are the main reasons this Dynamics 365 SharePoint integration is so popular:

  • Microsoft itself provides a simple way to integrate both products - tutorial at the end in case you are wondering how simple
  • It makes collaborating on documents much easier
  • Documents become easier to access, as you can access them via Dynamics or SharePoint

On top of all that, you can also save on storage costs. No wonder it is a popular integration!

Once you are using SharePoint to store your Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents, it is crucial you know about the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite. Let me explain why.

You get a total of four different products in the bundle, all targeted at making your Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents in SharePoint safe and secure. Plus, all these products work together like a charm.

What's in the suite?

#1 CB Dynamics 365 To SharePoint Permissions Replicator

This software allows you to push permissions from your Dynamics 365 instance into your SharePoint site. No matter how complicated your permissions are on the Dynamics side, no matter how often the permissions change – all the permissions get automatically transferred to SharePoint.

This ensures that users who do not have access to a document in Dynamics 365 also don’t have access to it in SharePoint – which is important in terms of keeping information confidentiality and privacy regulation compliance.

All in all, we can say this is the easy way to keep things consistent across both platforms. Any changes made in Dynamics permissions will automatically be reflected in SharePoint, and that ensures your Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint cannot be opened or edited by non-authorized persons.

#2 SharePoint Structure Creator

SharePoint Structure Creator lets you create a custom document library structure for your SharePoint site based on any column in your existing Dynamics 365 organization. You can choose exactly where documents will be stored and how they’ll be organized in terms of folders.

It’s really powerful stuff because organizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents you have in SharePoint in the exact way that works for your team can save a lot of time in finding documents. When files are not stored in the right places, your team wastes time looking for them, and the whole business suffers.

On top of that, it also ensures you avoid the dreaded unique permissions limit.

#3 CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor

Attaching documents to your Dynamics 365 CRM records? Then you need a solution for all those attachments.

CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor transfers attachments from Dynamics 365 to the storage of your choice:

  • SharePoint / Office 365,
  • Azure File Storage or
  • Azure Blob Storage:

Documents travel between your Dynamics 365 and your storage and don’t go through any middleware.

Security is guaranteed, so wait no more! Use your Dynamics storage space wisely and don’t waste it on attachments.

#4 CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint

What good is all this if your documents in SharePoint are vulnerable to manipulation, and you can’t trust them anymore?

The final product in the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite guarantees that no one manipulated those important files you have in SharePoint.

CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint, you can apply timestamped blockchain seals to all kinds of files and be confident that no one has tampered with the file since you sealed it. Files are sealed with one click or automatically. Once a file is sealed, any stakeholder can verify files online using CB Blockchain Seal Verifier.

In short, this is a straightforward way to ensure file authenticity and integrity are no longer a concern.

Key Takeaways about the Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite

You can use this suite of products for Dynamics 365 Document Management when the documents are stored in SharePoint. You ensure they are protected from unauthorized access and much more!

The four products in the bundle work together seamlessly, and they all help you achieve one thing: create a SharePoint storage solution for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents that is safe and secure.

Dynamics 365 SharePoint Document Management - Simple | Secure | All-in-one | Cost-effective | Tried and tested


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