4 Challenges to Increasing Dynamics 365 CE User Adoption

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We all want to increase user adoption and get our personnel to actually use the Dynamics 365 CE / CRM environment we worked so hard (or paid so much money) to get implemented. It's only when our salespeople, marketing personnel, customer service folks and our field service staff use the Dynamics 365 CE effectively that makes it all worth it. Otherwise, we'll be looking for another CRM solution in a few years.

There are usually four main challenges that hold companies back from reaching their ultimate wish for Dynamics 365 CE adoption.


Users not understanding updates

Dynamics 365 gets regular updates from Microsoft twice a year. On top of that, your own organization is constantly making enhancements and changes and updates to the environment. Holding regular traditional training is just not enough for users to feel comfortable using their environment. Even large teams and big companies struggle to keep up with this goal of keeping users supported and trained at all times.


Lack of proper budget

Usually companies only budget out their implementation or migration to Dynamics 365 CRM. There's seldom much thought given to putting money aside and budgeting for getting people to actually use the systems. Even if there is money set aside, it's used for traditional form of training that happens at the beginning. As we all know, people forget what they have learned not that long after the training and as we talked about earlier, constant updates make it even harder for these users to do their job effectively.


The goals of the CRM system

Many organizations know that they need a CRM, but they don't really know exactly why. It's used mainly for dumping client information without putting proper processes around it that would actually support the CRM users. How will it be used, why should it be used and what the workflows are…? These are very important pieces of information that are sometimes not relayed to users so they don't know what to expect out of the system.


Measuring the increase in user adoption

Without understanding what your users are really doing, how would you even know if the Dynamics 365 environment that you've invested so heavily in is even being adapted or not. Just surveying and asking users is not enough. Proper tracking and analysis also needs to happen. Even though collecting that data regularly is not easy, it is a necessity towards streamlining the user adoption plan.


Do these things above resonate with you? Can you think of even more challenges that hold back proper usage of Dynamics 365 CE?

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