This Festive Season, Decorate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Data using Modern Visualization Tools!

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Data Visualization Dynamics 365 CRMThe holiday season means decorations, gifts, and lots of fun and celebration. But what makes it perfect is the DIY activities we do and how everything gets personalized; from gifts to decorations to activities. So, how about before we sign off to our festivities by decorating our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in a way we want to?

Yes, you heard it right.

With Inogic’s visualization apps, you can personalize the way you view your CRM data. Want a mind map view of all your relationships and connections? Map My Relationships is what you want. Want a swim lane view of your Business Process Flows and CRM views to manage your CRM data? Kanban Board it is.

Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said: Orders and decorations are necessary in order to dazzle the people”.

So, let us dive deeper to explore these amazing Visualization apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM one by one.

Map My Relationships

As a preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Map My Relationships enhances visualization of connections and relationships between CRM records by presenting it in a mind map view. The user does not need to search for numerous bits of information; they can quickly gather all the crucial information that matters about the record in a single view. This enables decision-makers to act quickly and remain on top of the situation without losing a beat.

Let us explore how the features of Map My Relationships will help CRM users and decision-makers:

  • 360-Degree View of CRM data: Analysis of a normal grid view of CRM data is difficult and boring. A 360-Degree View of CRM data provides better insight into the connections and relationships of CRM data, which results in quick analysis and better decision-making.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Perform swift actions: Map My relationships enables quick creation of activity records. Users can perform quick actions like emails, tasks, phone calls right from the mind map view.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Grouping and aggregation: With Map My Relationships the administrators and users can see the aggregate value of a record on the map. They can also check the status and performance of a particular record on the map.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • N-level relationships: Users can drill down through the N-level relationships of a specific entity and see the associated records to it using Map My Relationships' N-level relationships feature.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Color-coded connection roles: In order to avoid confusion, we wrap gifts for different recipients using various colored paper. Similarly, in Map My Relationships, connection roles are clearly shown by the color legends. This helps users to identify the connection roles.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Unified experience across devices: Map My Relationships offers a unified experience across the web, mobile devices, and tablets so there are no limitations when are where to use them. Relationships and connections in Dynamics 365 CRM can be mapped regardless of location, time, or device.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

With this, you have fair idea about how the how the features of Map My Relationships enhance the data visualization on CRM download 15 days free trial from our website.

Let us now explore the smart organizing capabilities of Kanban Board.

Kanban Board

Using our productivity app Kanban Board, CRM users can view Entity entries in the home grid in an organized card-based manner. CRM records can be arranged in numerous lanes and rows and moved around, making it simple to determine their status. This visual tool makes it simple to manage numerous active projects, keep track of user workloads, and sort and filter data.

Let us explore how the features of Kanban Board will help CRM users:

  • Kanban visualization of views: Enough of traditional grid view; the Kanban Board app enables users to visualize Dynamics 365 CRM view as lanes and rows, just like the real Kanban Board. The field values are used to classify the lanes and rows on the Kanban Board. Based on the specified Business Process Flow of a particular entity, users can classify and arrange its records in Kanban view. This helps in monitoring the progression of existing business projects.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Quick activity actions: For Christmas celebration parties, people make calls, write messages/mails, fix appointments and invite their loved ones. Sometimes they also distribute specific tasks to each person who is attending party. Similarly, with the quick activity action feature of Kanban Board, you can quickly specify rapid activity actions for the records. The users may define up to three quick actions like emails, tasks, phone calls right from the mind map view.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Global sorting: Kanban Board's global sorting feature enables users to arrange cards (records) at the global level in either ascending or descending order according to the field they have chosen.

Data visualization Dynamics 365

  • Multi-device compatibility: Kanban view is accessible on Kanban Board across devices. For a consistent experience, users can access Kanban Board data across web, mobile devices, and tablets.

             Data visualization Dynamics 365      Data visualization Dynamics 365

Isn’t it fascinating? With these features of Map My Relationships and Kanban Board, you can decorate your CRM the way you want.

In addition to enhancing visuals, the features of Map My Relationships and Kanban Board can speed up business operations and increase Dynamics 365 CRM users' productivity in your company.

So do not hesitate! Make Map My Relationships and Kanban Board key components of your business processes right away!

Simply visit our website or Microsoft AppSource to download 15 days free trial of these fantastic apps.

We are done with the Christmas decoration of the Dynamics 365 CRM. If you are worried about the security of your SharePoint data then you can explore our amazing application SharePoint Security Sync.

Excited to know more about other CRM apps? Read our latest blogs, or mail us at to schedule a personalized demo.

Till Then,

Happy Holidays!

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