SSIS Tools for Complex Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Projects

The SSIS Toolkit for Dynamics 365 provides flexibility, versatility, and ease of use. Large and small companies with simple or complex projects use our tools to complete their ETL projects in record time.

One of our Authorized Implementation Partners, CRMPlus+, used the SSIS Toolkit to achieve the goals of their client, a fiber-optic service provider with four projects to tackle:

Back up of Dynamics 365 CDS/CRM Online to CRM Version On-Premises.

The client requires a local backup of their online data to ensure 24/7, 100% availability of their information systems.

Split Data from one Dynamics 365 CDS/CRM Online environment to three Business Central instances (for Customers, Suppliers, and the Holding Company.)

This would also return invoice and purchase data from two of those instances back to CDS/CRM to provide data on outstanding sales amounts versus budgeted sales for projects.

Integrate CRM Accounts, Contacts & Sales Contracts with an industry-specific geo-information system (Cocon).

Working with a poorly documented interface, CRMPlus+ had to devise a method of adding, updating, and retrieving data from the system.

Data Integration between Dynamics 365 CDS/CRM and HubSpot.

There is a delay between the creation of a new record in HubSpot and its ID becoming available, which made it impossible to copy it over to the CRM system when the record is created. CRMPlus+ was tasked with finding a way to keep the CRM up to date and allow the user to easily access the HubSpot record via a hyperlink.

Each of the projects had unique and difficult challenges to overcome. Previous attempts at integrating these systems resulted in an implementation process lasting months on end and a solution that was difficult to maintain. The solution had to:

  • Work with custom entities and multiple applications.
  • Be simple to implement and easy to maintain.
  • Work with industry-specific geo-information software.

However, using the SSIS Integration Toolkits for Dynamics 365  and the SSIS Productivity Pack, CRMPlus+ was able to complete each project in record time, leaving the client with a performant integration that is easily adaptable to future requirements and system upgrades.

Would you like to know more details about the projects, and how the results were achieved? Take a look at the case study on our website, and contact us today so we can show you how to use the SSIS Integration Toolkits for successful integration implementation in your organization.

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