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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification

According to Global newswire, the size of the global CRM market is anticipated to reach 113.46 billion dollars by the end of 2027. Maximizing CRM value is important for all organizations, as the CRM market is poised for strong growth.

One of the key difficulties and causes of CRM implementation failure is low adoption rates. Your organization will not get the most benefit from CRM if adoption rates are poor, which will affect operations and revenue.

Gamification in CRM enables businesses to increase employee motivation, enhance enterprise-wide engagement and cooperation, and help your business more agile. Organizations across the world implement gamification in their workplace to improve employee engagement and productivity. According to research conducted by Zippia, the Global gamification market value has increased from $4.9B in 2016 to $11.9B in 2021. 

Amy is the CEO of a growing company, and her company hired highly qualified, experienced, and talented people over the period of the last 1 year. However, the productivity of the employees is not up to the company’s expectations. Amy is worried about this and then she came across this research conducted by Zippia and she decided to gamify Dynamics CRM. With this decision, she started looking for the best CRM gamification app. Her search ended with Inogic’s Gamifics365. 

Gamifics365 is a Microsoft AppSource preferred gamification app that seeks to increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM adoption and productivity by enlivening and inspiring CRM users' environments through entertaining games and activities. It offers a way to make engaging games that promote healthy competition among both individuals and teams. With the help of this Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM tool, the monotonous, daily work can be changed into something more engaging and enjoyable, increasing productivity and accelerating business growth. The best aspect of Gamifics365 is that CRM users can participate in the game and monitor results using mobile apps.

Amy and all her employees downloaded this app on their mobile phones. Managers created different types of games including challenges, face-offs, and races. 

How has Amy’s company benefited from gamification within CRM?

The introduction of Gamifics365 created a healthy competitive environment at workplace that helped the teams and individuals in staying focused and motivated toward the company goals. This resulted in getting more leads, a high lead conversion rate, cracking more deals, and staying ahead of competitors in the market. Gamifics365 not only increases your sales but also motivates other teams to cheer for sales teams, strengthening team bonds.

How have the employees of Amy’s company benefitted from Gamification of Dynamics 365 CRM

With the badges and rewards feature of Gamifics365, players who performed better than others did get instant recognition. The recognition helped the winners to stay consistent and stay in the top position. At the same time, it helped runner-ups to work hard and grab the top slot. CRM users are motivated and inspired to up their game and give it their all to meet the corporate goals and targets set for them by this colorful and intricate display of their performance. Playing games on Gamifics365 resulted in the career growth of employees and the company’s growth as well. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification

The features of Gamifics365 that helped Amy’s company and employees both are:  

  • Different types of games: The ability to create different types of games according to team structure and project requirements is the best feature of Gamifics365. All games can be played at individual and team levels is the cherry on the cake. Teams and individuals in Amy’s company participated in all these games. In a challenge game, the teams and individual players competed to achieve the targets within the provided period. In a face-off game, individual players are pitted against each other to achieve a single target. In a race game, a player raced against other players and time to achieve a common goal. 
  • Instant game creation: Creating the same game for different teams and different projects is boring and not time-efficient. To eliminate this issue Gamifics365 allows the user to clone the existing game and save time. 
  • Leaderboard and scorecard within CRM: Individual players and teams are provided with a dashboard, where the leaderboard and scorecard can be accessed. The managers can also create custom badges for their team and can track the performances of team members. The leaderboards and scorecards are accessible on the mobile phone. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification
  • Compatibility: Gamifics365 is compatible with both desktops and mobile phones. Managers and players can track scores and badges on their mobile phones from anywhere while traveling or having lunch or during leisure time. Players can also cheer for their team and other players of their team from anywhere using mobile phones. To keep the players updated, the schedules of ongoing, completed, and upcoming games are also available on the mobile dashboard. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification

Inogic’s Gamifics365 is the best gamification solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The described features of Gamifics365 are compelling, but these are not all. To explore more read our other blogs on Gamifics365. You can also view our video and on-demand webinar.

Download 15 days free trial from our website or from AppSource to experience how Gamification and CRM working together to bring that difference in achieving your sales goals faster. 

If this increases your curiosity and excites your neurons to learn about other productivity apps of Inogic, then visit our website or write to us at We will be delighted to assist you with the information and personal demo. 

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