4 Major Features of Calendar Plugin for Dynamics 365 Users

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Calendly, Hubspot, Appointy…..

Which appointment scheduling software do you use?

Being a Dynamics 365 CRM user, you would often be facing challenges like integrating the CRM with the scheduling platform and paying extra to third-party extensions.

All these platforms do support integration but via third-party extensions. This means you have to pay extra, and the interaction is not smooth as you would expect.

So, are these popular apps a logical choice for Dynamics 365 users?

Clearly not!

Dynamics 365 users can save themselves from all these troubles with plugins!

Yes, you heard it right!

Calendar 365 plugin is an appointment-scheduling platform with lots of other valuable features. It integrates with the CRM itself so that you don’t have to worry about integrations anymore.

Want to know more about the plugin? We have covered the major features of the Calendar 365 plugin.

  • Appointment Scheduling

The foremost requirement of any individual or company doing business is appointment scheduling software. Rather than investing in a different appointment scheduling software, you can have this feature in your Calendar 365 plugin itself.

The plugin lets you book appointments with your clients,  prospects, or anyone having the booking link. For that, you have to add your availability. The hours are customizable for each day. Once you add your availability,  the plugin will generate a link.

It will be a shareable link that you can add on all your social media platforms, websites, emails, etc. Using this link, any CRM or non-CRM user will be able to book an appointment with you.

The next that will be configured from your end is the type of event or type of meeting. There can be various reasons why prospects and customers are calling you. The duration of the call can vary.

To avoid any confusion and to have clarity on what the call is going to be about, you can ask customers to choose from multiple options.

For example, create events like:

  1. Introduction call for 15 minutes
  2. Demo call for 30 minutes
  3. Discussion call for 60 minutes 

And so on. Thus, this will make it easier for customers to have an idea of how long the call will last. 

Based on what the customer chooses, the calendar will display different time slots ranging between the working hours you earlier added.

Customers can select from the available slots. Once they confirm the slot, both parties will receive meeting confirmation.

With the number of appointment requests you get in a day, there will be a few that get canceled or rescheduled. 

To ensure you make the best use of your time, you can set a time frame in which the one booking the appointment can cancel or reschedule it. Thus, you will know if the appointment status has changed in advance, and that respective slot will be made available in the calendar for other visitors.

Any changes in appointment status will directly reflect in the calendar. Adding more to this, the calendar plugin is integrable with Google and Outlook Calendars as well so that you don’t miss any appointments. 

  • Resource Management 

Managers need to keep track of all the activities happening related to a project or clients. There will be multiple resources assigned to one activity, project, or client.

Managing multiple activities and ensuring everything is on track and rightfully done is a difficult task for managers. To help managers visualize better, Calendar 365 offers Resource Calendar.

The resource calendar shows all activities and the resources associated with them. What work is going on, and what activities have already been completed?

Managers can also choose from different types of views available in the Calendar plugin. Top-down, Agenda, Timeline, and Gantt view will help them improve visualization of all the ongoing activities.

You can not only view activities but can also create them. Whether it is creating activities to assign tasks to team members or managing the ongoing CRM activities, all of that is possible in one place.

Now, there are a lot of internal meetings as well. Finding the right time for a meeting when all the invitees are available is difficult. You might end up booking a time when some members are already occupied with another.

Calendar 365 comes with a conflict management system. Whenever you try to book an appointment with someone who is already occupied, a warning message saying “They are already occupied in a meeting ” will be displayed.

  • Customer Management

We have all faced heat from customers. Some are difficult to handle, which means you have to be extra careful about all the activities designed for them.

To make it easier for you to have a complete sales lifecycle of a customer in front of your eyes, there is a customer calendar in the Calendar 365 plugin. 

Managers can see all the interactions happening with the customers and the resources associated with them. It becomes easier for the managers to give their feedback or get involved in the activity if they feel it requires their attention.

Calendar 365 plugin supports customer management as it offers a different calendar view to manage customers. This feature is a boon for the sales team. It will surely help in improving the productivity of your sales team.

  • Custom Calendar

Every business calls for a different requirement. There is the possibility that not all of your work requirements will be satisfied. That is why entity calendars or custom calendars exist.

Custom calendar allows you to choose custom entities and activities for specific use cases. You can select any CRM entity with different filters and save these calendars for future use.

You might have multiple calendars for different entities. To make it visually recognizable, Calendar 365 lets you color code CRM entities. 

With a more filtered view, you only see what you want to see in a few clicks.


Dynamics 365 CRM users can clearly benefit from a plugin more than investing in standalone software. You can avoid the long route of using CRM entities in the calendar via third-party extension with a plugin. It is easy, comes with more benefits, and is at affordable rates. Dynamics 365 Calendar plugin can be a one-stop solution for any calendar-related activities.

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