4 Industries that can Use Location Intelligence

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Location data is helpful to businesses in some or the other way. Especially if you have an on field sales team or deal with transportation/logistics, your entire business depends on location data.

There is a lot that you can do with location data, from improving customer experience to boosting sales numbers. 

This idea leads to the development of a mapping tool. These tools have uplifted the way of doing business. It makes you realize how much more you can do with this data.

All businesses use CRM to store data, and one of the most popular CRM is Dynamics 365. Here we are going to talk about one such plugin called Mappyfield 365 that Dynamics 365 can use to make the best use of location data.

To make it easier for you, we have taken different industries and how these industries can use the Dynamics 365 map to avail of location intelligence. 

  • Banking and Insurance

For the banking and insurance industry, location intelligence data is an important factor for sales operations.

It has become mandatory for these industries to constantly expand branch networks in different locations. To maintain your position in the market, you need to keep finding reasons for things that are troubling your customers and resolve them by expanding your business.

If you know where your customers live, you can make informed decisions for future investments. The data will help you understand whether your company needs to inflate the branch network or not. 

So, your customers will find it easier to contact the nearest branch or ATM for transactions, loans, policies, or any services. This surely helps in building a positive relationship with customers.

Banking and insurance industry can definitely improve with the invaluable insights from the mapping tools. Using these insights, you can improve marketing strategies and improve sales results.

  • Transport and Logistics

For Logistics and transportation businesses, location data is everything. If they want to optimize their supply chain and ensure their deliveries are not slowed down, location intelligence software like MappyField can be the perfect solution. 

The mapping tool can help you while planning, tracking, and monitoring your resources and associated deliveries.   

With a mapping tool, you would have consistent deliveries. So, challenges like minimizing delivery time and reducing waiting time for loading and unloading packages at the warehouse will all be taken care of. As everything will have dedicated time and constant monitoring, unnecessary delays and miscommunication will reduce.

On the other hand, managers can track their on-field agents’ routes, appointments, rescheduled appointments, and delays in delivery.

As the tool helps you track meeting timings and traveling time, it would get easier to calculate the cost of traveling. You can also share fuel consumption analytics with your teams so that they don’t have fuel emergencies.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

For pharma companies, location intelligence can play a crucial role as it is essential for them to deliver packages on time. From dispatching medicines to managing sales appointments, all of this relies on location data.

If they have location intelligence software, activities like daily on-field activities can be streamlined. It will boost the efficiency and productivity of your on-field teams. Moreover, this tool can also help you control costs and redefine existing processes.

For example, your company launched a new medicine for children. You assign different territories to your team, and they visit the doctors and medical stores in that region. 

Now after a few days, you observe that some reps have made fewer sales compared to others. If you assume that those sales reps are not working efficiently, it might not be entirely true.

There can be many reasons behind these low numbers. Maybe they are not doing their job with honesty, or their territory does not have a relevant audience to make more sales. 

With a mapping tool, you can wisely distribute territories so that every sales rep gets an equal opportunity. If you have a commission-based payment system, distributing territories based on the region would be unfair. Every sales rep should be given an equal opportunity to show their talent and bring fruitful results for the company. 

If you have smartly distributed the client's list to sales reps, you would observe a significant change in the fuel consumption charges. The traveling time can be reduced, and the optimized routes will save you traffic. 

If you assign the same clients and territories to the sales reps, it will help them build a strong bond with clients.

  • Retail Industry

After the concept of personalization became popular, the behavior of the retail industry changed. Customers now want products to be delivered on their time. If you excel in this art, you can expand your business over the globe.

That is why retail businesses have started using mapping tools for accurate data and delivering the packages at the right time. Businesses are trying their best to avoid delivery delays.

They have started giving importance to customer experience and how it can help you in growing the business. You can only earn customer loyalty when you offer them a good product and good customer service.

If you want to make even better use of location intelligence data, you can correlate customer buying patterns with demographics. You can customize marketing strategies based on the interest of customers in that geographical area.


Apart from these industries, other industries like telecommunication, the food industry, or any that use location data and have a sales reps team can use it. Our MappyField 365 is the perfect match for all these businesses. 

With advanced features like live tracking, auto check-in/out, heat map visualization, route optimization, and more, you can take better care of your employees and customers.

Dynamics 365 CRM users don’t need to invest in any standalone tool. Mappyfield 365 is a plugin that directly integrates with CRM. Users can use all the features within the CRM. There is no risk of exporting data to some other platform.

If you want to learn more about Mappyfield 365, contact our sales team. They will be more than happy to explain everything.

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