Webinar Marathon 2 - Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Online with Intuit QuickBooks Online

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Webinar Marathon

With the festive season kicking in, the energy, enthusiasm, and festive aura also pervades the workplace. December is a critical month, as many business owners struggle to find time for their business during the holiday season. There are many things to do in their books before the end of the year, but the working hours that contribute to these holidays are reduced due to the rush of holidays. To help you meet your accounting needs, in our second Inogic Marathon webinar we'll look at how InoLink, a Microsoft AppSource preferred CRM integration app can help Boost Productivity this Holiday Season!

Did you know that QuickBooks Online has more than 5.3 million users worldwide?”

InoLink a preferred app on the Microsoft Appsource integrates Intuit QuickBooks Online & Dynamics 365 CRM online and synchronizes Transaction history and Aging details from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 CRM, providing a bird’s eye view of customer information exactly as you need it. Being a cloud-based productivity app makes it possible to seamlessly process data in real-time from CRM to QuickBooks, and sync your CRM & QuickBooks to keep your customer data clean, organized, and up-to-date. Here’s a quick demo of InoLink for more details.

If this short description & the demo interest you about our product further, rush and save your seats for an exclusive session on InoLink

Webinar 2: - QuickBooks Online & Dynamics 365 CRM Online Integration- Get a 360-degree view of Customer Data!
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November 09, 2022 | 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST

Webinar 2 will cover the following touch points of InoLink:

  • 360-degree view of customer accounting information right within your CRM
  • Maintain data integrity across both Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks
  • Real-time processing of data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online CRM to QuickBooks Online

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Check out our upcoming webinar schedule, covering a wide range of products to improve both the speed and quality of your organizational activities. Do have a look! Registering for webinars gives you the choice of attending the webinar at 9 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM US EST based on your convenience for the webinar date. The other webinars in the series include-

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November 16, 2022

This webinar covers how Marketing4Dynamics seamlessly integrates Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp by syncing customer and their marketing statistics data in both applications, thereby bridging the information gap between both Sales and Marketing departments.

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Webinar 4: Automate, Simplify & Manage Subscriptions, Recurring Billing, and Tax Calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM

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Webinar 5- 1 Click to Clone/ Export/ Restore– Boost your Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity with just 1 Click!

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This webinar imparts how, with just one click, you can get your tasks done. Covering our popular suite of 1 Click Productivity Apps - Click2CloneClick2Export & Undo2Restore, Dynamics 365 CRM users can automate tasks and reduce their day-to-day workload.

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If you feel that Inogic’s product offerings are the right match and want to learn more about Inogic, you can download and enjoy a free 15-day trial version of our preferred apps from our website or Microsoft AppSource. Feel free to email us at crm@inogic.com for a personalized free Demo or other queries.

Happy Holidays.. in advance ????

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