Holiday Hacks: Stay Productive this Holiday season with Microsoft Dynamics 356 CRM productivity apps!

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Webinar Marathon

Holiday seasons are a challenging time for organizations to maintain their productivity levels. Even with dedicated and skilled staff, it can be difficult during busy times of the year such as the December holiday season. With competing personal and professional priorities, all the extra year-end obligations—from audits to financial reporting to celebrations—often leave employees stressed about the holiday deadline. But don't worry; with Inogic, you can finish the job you need with maximum efficiency. With the Inogic Marathon Webinar Series, let's learn how to enjoy our most productive vacation during this busy time of year.

Whether it is our newest Gamifics365– Gamification app for Dynamics 365 CRM to motivate, engage and increase user adoption, or App Integrations like MailChimp Integration, QuickBooks Integration, Auto Tax Calculator, & Subscription and Recurring Billing Management to streamline Document Management in Dynamics 365 CRM/CE with Attach2DynamicsSharePoint Security Sync improving productivity with Click2CloneAlerts4Dynamics, Click2ExportUndo2RestoreLead Assignment and Distribution AutomationUser Adoption Monitor or simply view the data using Visualization Apps Kanban BoardMap My Relationships, Inogic has always been a hub of unique and innovative apps for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse!

With the choice to join at 5 different times: 12 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, and 3 PM US EST, the webinar Marathon may be just what you need this holiday. The Upcoming webinars are

Webinar #3: Dynamics 365 Mailchimp Integration: A Unified View of Marketing Insights for Your Sales!
November 16, 2022

This webinar houses Marketing4Dynamics, through which users can seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp. Marketing4Dynamics syncs customer and their marketing statistics data in both applications to bridge the information gap between the Sales and Marketing departments.

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Webinar #4: Automate, Simplify, and Manage Recurring Billing, Subscriptions, and Tax Calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM
November 30, 2022

In this webinar, we’ll learn how Inogic’s Microsoft AppSource preferred Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App simplifies the entire sales activities with automated billing capabilities to automate your manual billing.

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Webinar #5: 1 Click to Restore/ Export/ Clone: Boost your Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity with just 1 Click! 
December 7, 2022

This webinar hosts our popular suite of 1 Click Productivity Apps - Click2CloneClick2Export & Undo2Restore, through which just with one click, you can get your tasks done. Through the use of these apps, Dynamics 365 CRM users can automate tasks and reduce their day-to-day workload with just a simple click.

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You can also click here to view previous webinars of the Marathon Series.

Attend our webinars to get comfortable and allow yourself to relax post-holidays. To learn more about Inogic apps, download a free trial of our preferred apps from our website or from Microsoft AppSource with a 15 days trial period. Our expert support team is always there for you and for further details, simply mail us at for a personalized free Demo or other queries.

Let's make the most of the holiday season… Happy Holidays!

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