Get Tailored Notifications and Alerts on Mobiles and Tablets in your Dynamics 365 for Phones App!

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Notifications and Alerts on Mobiles and Tablets in Your Dynamics 365 For Phones App!

Due to the massive increase in mobile usage worldwide, businesses from all industries are developing websites and mobile apps that are optimized for mobile devices. To keep up with the competition Microsoft also developed mobile apps for its products. Dynamic 365 for phones is one of the best-known mobile CRM solutions and it makes customer data quickly available to sales professionals.

However, in this ever-expanding market, are mobile apps enough to remain competitive? Surely, they are not. Why? To utilize the full potential of the mobile apps, you must also get instant notifications about the latest developments. Because a delay in receiving information about recent business developments might entail significant monetary losses.

A most recent survey by Grammarly and The Harris Poll estimates that poor communication costs U.S. businesses $1.2 trillion annually. This is approximately $12,506 per employee every year. The findings are particularly pertinent for teams that rely heavily on communication, like marketing because they communicate with their other, potential consumers, and buyers through new digital touchpoints and platforms. Even though the cost is substantial on its own, the findings go much further, shedding light on the wide-ranging effects of delays in communication and emphasizing the necessity of completely rethinking workplace engagement and productivity.

Inogic has an excellent solution for this burning issue. Our indigenously developed CRM alert and notification management app Alerts4Dynamics can resolve communication delays.

Users can create, plan, and manage alerts and notifications for various entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM by using our productivity app Alerts4Dynamics. Users can also create several messages in multiple languages for a single alert.

Alerts can be viewed as pop-ups, or form notifications, or they can be delivered as an email message to your CRM users with the help of Alerts4Dynamics. When configuring alerts with Alerts4Dynamics, users can classify the alert levels as Information, Warning, or Critical. Users can also specify alerts based on rules for a particular record or collection of records, and these alerts can subsequently be presented as notifications either continuously or for a predetermined period. These notifications are accessible from anywhere within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

How sales managers could benefit by using Alert4Dynamics on mobile phones/tablets

John is a sales manager in an advertising company who wants to stay updated with every minute detail about his sales team’s efforts and outcomes. This is not possible due to communication delays and miscommunications. Our productivity app Alerts4Dynamics could help John in getting timely information related to his sales team.

  1. John can get four different types of alerts on the mobile phone, including announcement, rule-based, record-based, and event-based alerts, which can be created and managed using Alerts4Dynamics. The record-based alerts will notify when a particular record is created and updated. The rule-Based alerts are created for particular circumstances.
  2. John can also send announcements such as holiday greetings or updates on new policies as push notifications to all members of his teams on their mobiles using Alerts4Dynamics.
  3. On the Dynamics 365 mobile app, John will receive alerts in a variety of ways, including emails, pop-ups, and form notifications by using Alerts4Dynamics. Notifications and Alerts on Mobiles and Tablets in Your Dynamics 365 For Phones App!
  4. He will also be able to prioritize the level of alerts that he wants to send to the mobile phone of salespersons. If he wants to get some information from a member of his team, he can send an information alert. If a client is important and John wants sales person to attend to this client first and present all the information then he can send a critical alert to the salesperson. John can also use a warning alert to warn a salesperson regarding a meeting delay or some other emergency.
  5. Alerts4dynamics will also provide an advantage to John to create an alert message in multiple languages for his multilingual team and send it on their mobile phone.

Sales managers must set up a reliable alerts and notifications system if they want to guarantee that crucial information moves through their organization as efficiently as possible. It can help you avoid mistakes and save time if you have the proper information when you need it.

Does it seem helpful?

The features and cross-device functionalities of Alert4Dynamic go well beyond what is described above.

For a free 15-day trial, download this Microsoft AppSource Preferred app from our website or Microsoft AppSource right away to try out all these incredible features.

If you have any queries about controlling alerts or notifications in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, please get in touch with us at

Considering that the Alerts element is handled, how about undoing changes and restoring records to their previous known state with just a single click? Check out Inogic's productivity app, Undo2Restore, which accomplishes this same task within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

P.S. We are currently developing a brand-new app to support your management of business operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Join us on this journey!

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