Dynamics Self-Service Portal: A Necessity to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Self-service is officially a necessary feature to have if you wish to enhance your customer experience.

It provides convenience and comfort to customers as well as saves time and effort for the employees.


Customers can find the answer to their queries by looking for it in the self-service section at their convenience and from their comfortable device. This way, they will not need to contact the self-service reps, wait until they reply, or be frustrated when they don’t. It will make customers believe you value their time and interest in your products/services.

Suppose a customer can find solutions to common queries like ‘how to use the product’ or ‘which payment options are available from the self-service section. In that case, employees will not have to invest their time and energy in answering the same questions all day. This will increase their productivity by investing it in other necessary work.

But the question here is- how can you provide excellent self-service to your customer?

The answer is - through Dynamics Self-service Portal.

It lets you manage self-service options by enabling you to add, edit, or remove entities. You can use the portal to add FAQs, videos, tutorials, knowledge-based articles, etc.

To give you more insights into the self-service portal, I have mentioned its benefits, features, and some other essential details. This blog will help you get everything important in your self-service section via the Dynamics 365 portal.

Let us start with the basics:

What is a Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal?

The Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal is an interface that enables customers to search queries and find relevant solutions for them. Its role is to provide convenience to customers without any human interaction.

This portal saves the employee time and effort and saves the organization money. How? As self-service assists customers in finding their solutions on their own, you will need only half of your self-service rep staff to work only on complex problems.

What to Include in a Self-Service Portal?

When it comes to feature selection, you need to be wise and careful. You need to include features and sections that are helpful and easy to use.

Below are a few suggestions of what you must include in your self-service portal:

Knowledge-Base Articles

Articles help people to understand a product in more detail. It engages more customers, and after reading the right and relevant content, they might end up giving you a sale. Knowledge base articles need to be written in a way where you can explain certain technologies to the customers in the easiest way possible.

Support Cases

With support cases, customers can submit their queries. You can automatically transfer the cases to the concerned reps and solve customers’ queries as soon as possible. It is a hassle-free way for customers to reach out to you.


FAQs are the best way to solve customers’ queries in no time. They can get the answers just by searching the query and clicking on it. You can evaluate the customers' queries and add some common ones in the section. You need to fill the database from the backend and keep it updated regularly to ensure it is serving great help to customers.


You can use engaging content that is easy to understand and fun to watch. Tutorials are basically videos where customers can look at ‘how to use a product. This feature makes it easy for customers to understand the process and to follow certain steps.

User Manual

This section contains all the detailed descriptions and steps of how to use a product. Every step is mentioned in the user manual with alternative steps (if any). This helps customers to explore every benefit from your product and understand it more.

What are the Benefits of a Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal?

Dynamics 365 self-service portal provides quick and easy solutions to customers in a convenient way. FAQs, videos, blogs, etc., assist customers in resolving their queries on their own without any hassle.

With an easy search option, customers can get relevant answers to their questions in a few seconds.

The self-service portal provides all the information and answers to customers in one place. Plus, they can access it from any device they are comfortable with. All this leads to a good customer experience and an increase in their satisfaction.

You can have an online community of experts, customers, writers, advisors, bloggers, influencers, etc. These people can share their reviews, suggestions, advice, solutions, and knowledge with the audience. Reading reviews from famous heads will increase your customers’ trust in your organization.

When customers are satisfied with your company’s products and services, they will naturally spread word-of-mouth. This will result in more engagement and sales. It will also increase your brand awareness.

Having a Dynamics 365 self-service portal helps you provide excellent self-service, which benefits you in numerous ways. Ensure you have the right information entered in your database; otherwise, the wrong information will misguide the customers and eventually lead to a poor experience.

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