4 Ways to Empower Team Collaboration Using Technology

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One top goal of Microsoft is to empower business teams to improve communication and collaboration. Teams can do this with the use of powerful business technologies such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Power BI, and many more. Explore below how the implementation of various Microsoft Technologies can lead teams to more efficiently work together, and how simplifying business processes allows businesses to scale to new heights.

Manufacturing Organization Improves Team Productivity

A manufacturer of oil and gasoline needed to improve communication and collaboration within their business teams. JourneyTEAM content and collaboration architects worked with the manufacturer’s technical team to organize their documents with SharePoint as a document repository. SharePoint allowed them to have optimum document-sharing abilities, allowing team members to collaborate in a secure, central location.

By connecting SharePoint with teams’ configurations that have sensitivity labels, only users with certain credentials could access confidential documents. Additionally, with the implementation of Microsoft Teams, team members were able to improve business processes by having their documentation lifecycle tasks easily trackable. These task management solutions drove efficiency in document storage, collaboration, and communication within their internal teams.

Dynamics 365 Field Service to Improve Project and Resource Coordination

Service companies of all sizes and industries often included a field service element where a resource is sent to install or repair a product at various locations. Such companies often struggle to manage their technicians or resources, and thus collaboration is limited. Dynamics 365 Field Service is an efficient mobile solution that allows technicians to create and update vital records, and inform the rest of the team of project details and information. Technicians can monitor and update work order completion, and track inventory consumption with or without an active internet connection.

Dynamics 365 Field Service records update locally and sync with the online database seamlessly the next time the device connects to the internet. This allows technicians and business leaders to track and coordinate where resources are, what inventory they need, and where and when to send the other technicians. Dynamics 365 Field Service allows service teams detailed insights on how to manage their resources and how to collaborate on jobs most effectively.

Streamline Collaboration and Content to Improve Project Management

One financial firm had restricted data accessibility, limited document management, and difficulty connecting to and communicating with one another using collaboration tools. As the firm’s remote workforce rapidly increased, the need for successful internal distribution of information grew rapidly, forcing the firm to rethink document accessibility and content management. This organization needed to migrate to a modern Microsoft 365 environment to gain the collaboration capabilities they were after. They were able to benefit from the use of Microsoft Teams and the internal chat method that connects directly to OneDrive so their users can co-author documentation and communicate with fellow colleagues instantaneously.

By also implementing SharePoint in the Microsoft 365 stack, they now have documents available at their fingertips when needed—and with surety these documents are secure. By modernizing to Microsoft 365, this team increased their communication and document-sharing capabilities and were able to more quickly complete tasks which led to highly successful projects.

Power BI to Automate Reports, Reduce Manual Errors, and Save Time

One medical device manufacturer JourneyTEAM has also worked with services thousands of customers in over 74 countries worldwide. Because they have such a wide distribution with disparate systems sending and receiving data, they needed a way to unite their data in one location to simplify access and collaboration for users. Users were specifically struggling with the time-consuming, manual, error-filled data-inputting processes.  Because the data-gathering process directly affected more than 300 employees, they desperately needed to simplify and automate data processes in order to save time and resources and thereby lead to increased collaboration.

By implementing Power BI, employees were saved from continually performing mundane tasks, as it gathered and sorted data for them automatically. With users visualizing data in Power BI, they were quickly able to uncover actionable insights and easily create detailed reports for company executives to track products and growth. With Power BI, all company data is easily accessible in a single location, always consistent, and refreshes automatically every 24 hours. Employees can collaborate and edit data no matter where they are located, and can now spend more time working on other, more complicated tasks.


These are just 4 ways and benefits of various Microsoft technologies, and how they can empower business teams and drive collaboration. JourneyTEAM has vast experience across industries customizing these solutions to meet the need of your growing business. Speak with a representative today about any questions or implementation help.



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