Recorded-See Demos of 4 Top CRM Add-Ons to Boost Productivity in Microsoft 365 Sales

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What salesperson can do without a CRM solution these days? As Microsoft continues to lead the way with its best-in-class CRM software, Dynamics 365 for Sales, sales representatives are connecting and engaging in new ways with a centralized dashboard for all customer interactions, AI-assisted engagement, and much more.

However, the best can be made even better through add-on software tools that enhance the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

  • Do you want more powerful Marketing Automation features?
  • Do you want to increase productivity?
  • How about adding billing automation and subscription management?
  • Or enhanced communications integrations?

Microsoft Dynamics World (MSDW) and CRM Software Blog presented the Sales and Marketing Tools Showcase for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM). These powerful add-on products from our ISV partners are demonstrated in detail so you can see them in action and decide what works for you.

  • Sales and Marketing Tools Showcase for Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Users – Watch Now

About the Presenters:

ClickDimensions. Their Marketing Automation and Sales products can assist you in every stage of the sales journey, from lead acquisition through to a won opportunity. They believe that marketing and sales should no longer be siloed teams – working together can increase productivity.

ClickDimensions Marketing Automation works hand-in-hand with Dynamics 365 to attract and engage leads. These tools save you time and allow you to nurture your leads until they are ready to commit.

ClickDimensions Sales, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, allows you to continue 1-on-1 communication with leads to increase communication consistency and win rates. Following up on sales-ready leads with proven sequences can help you get to the win faster. And for those leads that aren’t quite ready to commit, you can send those back to marketing for further nurturing when appropriate.

Inogic. A one-stop provider for enhancing your Dynamics 365 CRM user experience, Inogic has 15+ Microsoft Preferred Productivity Apps divided into categories according to your business needs. Geo-Spatial Apps, Storage and Document Management Apps, User Adoption Apps, SaaS Management Apps, Productivity Apps, Visualization Apps, and Integration Apps! In the Showcase, we’ll have a look at SharePoint Security Sync, Attach2Dynamics, Gamifics365, Click2Clone, and Alerts4Dynamics. These apps will help increase your overall business productivity and earn good returns on your CRM Investment. As a Partner, Inogic is growing steadily and has well-established Partner Programs for lifetime benefits.

Solgari. Business needs to be free to communicate on any channel, through any device, from any location, unhindered by any shortcoming in infrastructure or technology and free of any compliance concerns. With their All-channel Contact Center and Unified Communications solution for Dynamics 365, Solgari gives you the tools you need to increase first-call resolution, drive up transaction volumes, and deliver contextual service to transform customer relationships. Solgari uniquely enables Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center Platform, integrating and powering D365, Azure, Teams, Nuance, and the Power Platform. Their solution is easily configured in the cloud for lightning-fast speed to value: Get up and running in days!

Work 365. Intelligence On Tap (IOTAP) develops Work 365, a billing automation and subscription management solution built on the Microsoft Cloud platform. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and ISV companies can leverage the power of business process automation and grow recurring revenue. Work 365 enables you to manage billing and invoicing for Cloud and Subscription Services, handle Customer Service and Incident Management, and give your clients the ability for self-service and automatic provisioning, along with E-commerce and payments portals.

Watch Now!

It’s an invaluable opportunity to obtain firsthand knowledge of top add-on tools that can streamline your sales processes, help you reach new customers, and attain your sales goals. Watch the recorded session now.

Watch Now: Sales and Marketing Tools Showcase for Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Users

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