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Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the vital operations in any business that help the business to thrive. So, businesses are looking for ways to streamline their processes using CRM applications that are easy and intuitive to use, and seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. This helps a business maintain the right interactions with the customers at the right point of time throughout the sales funnel.

Depending on the type of business, the features needed in the CRM application may vary. There may be a need to track the history or timeline of customer transactions, updated contact lists, sales tracking, collaborations, AI-powered forecasting, and data security. However, finding a scalable CRM that can be a part of the growth journey of a business is critical to maintaining and boosting the bottom line of a business. It is here that power apps come into play.

Power apps are ruling the software development functionality and adding several options to CRM with their suite of apps, services, and connectors. This offers valuable business logic and workflow capabilities while making the CRM more user-friendly. It has multiple data integrations to different platforms and systems and all your CRM data can be consolidated in a power app. Also, the flexible design of power apps allows you to tailor your CRM design and user experience to your sales team’s needs.

By making power apps a key component of your CRM strategy, your business can benefit in the following ways:

  • Seamless data integrations: This is a most powerful feature of power apps CRM. These include multisource integrations for contracts (Adobe Sign, DocuSign), meetings and collaboration (Webex and Microsoft Teams), enterprise data management (Microsoft SQL in Azure), data collection (SurveyMonkey), marketing (Mailchimp), payments (Stripe), analytics (Power BI), project management (Project Online). You can create custom connectors in addition to the data connectors provided by power apps.
  • Business automation: Power Automate is a no-code robust business automation engine can do everything from directing information to handling complex approval processes. This allows you to create long-lasting business efficiencies and scale your CRM application according to your business needs.
  • Customization: The automated messages can be forwarded to certain customers with BCC of messages, standard replies to certain messages, history trail within single messages, customized message fields, and filters. Business-wide settings, such as restricting user capabilities for certain tasks, choosing to disable messaging, or only displaying selective deals to selected customers, can be easily applied.
  • Innovation: You can be more creative and responsive in your business using apps that provide flexibility to arrange the UI for the optimal user experience (Canvas Apps) and make the UI auto-responsive based on Common Data Service by rapidly configuring forms, business rules, and process flows (Model-Driven Apps).
  • Cost-effectiveness: If small and medium-sized businesses use enterprise CRM, the cost per user (around $135/user/month) may not be feasible at the start and a large sales force will amount to spending thousands of dollars a month. Power apps come to the rescue here.
  • Feature selection: With power apps, the business does not need to subscribe for a ton of unwanted features and can choose the features needed. This can help you win or lose business as you can track and view data using the relevant selected features.
  • Advance analytics and predictability: With data coming in from different segments of the CRM and different teams, power apps helps aggregate and segregate this data using customized CRM apps. This data analytics uses power BI and can forecast certain parameters like the probability deal closures.
  • Enhanced ability to track communications: With power apps CRM you can automatically and proactively categorize received emails based on business and deals. These can be searched/ filtered easily using any word or phrase according to the user’s fields of choice. Users can create an activity directly from a message, and categorize messages based on importance.

Let’s check how power apps enhance CRM functionality that would be most appropriate for your business team’s optimal growth and success depending on what stage your business is currently in.

For start-ups

Cloud-based power app databases can act as a mini-CRM system for a business new to CRM. The user can keep a track of accounts, contacts, and activities like emails, phone calls, and messages in tables that are easily available. It can also address specific needs of the business with a base set of standard tables that are customized to cover typical scenarios.

For small-to-midsize business

If you are already using a basic CRM application for your business and plan to scale it, power app-based CRMs can help small-to-midsize businesses that need a more robust system for tracking sales. They can take the CRM interface one step further by managing the sales pipeline and tracking leads and opportunities.

Power BI provides information for C-suite management related to sales and management using some basic dashboards with seamless communication. Though a lightweight and cost-effective option, the power app provides a complete CRM experience with its features.

For large enterprises

For enterprise businesses that require an even more in-depth CRM, a comprehensive CRM platform allows for sales teams to not only manage their relationships but to strategize what might increase sales throughout the sales and marketing funnel and create targeted responses to customers.

By using artificial intelligence functionality, power app-based CRM for sales suggests the best sequence of actions to streamline your sales cycle, predict revenue fluctuations, and highlight areas for improvement. As a result, sales teams can get updated insights about customer expectations, market competition, and sales preferences. While it may be excessive for some small-to-midsize businesses, this CRM provides a lot of power and is the ideal fit for large, more complex businesses.

Final thoughts

Every business has different requirements when it comes to a CRM system. At CongruentX, we partner with your business to enhance it with the functionality and power it needs to grow, without overwhelming you with superfluous features and hefty costs. Contact us now to know how to leverage your data in unimaginable ways and thrust your business innovation forward with power apps.

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