Expert use of Power Automate in 3 ways for Simplifying Daily Activities!

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Power Automate allows businesses to automate repetitive manual tasks and paper processes using a drag-and-drop workflow interface. Small and large-sized organizations through the use of this intelligent automation platform can allow users to set triggers to take a particular set of sequential actions by using workflows.

Organizations can use Power Automate to create workflows to Perform a task, Synchronize Data and Files, Generate Real-Time Notifications to alert stakeholders, Automate Processes, Mailroom Automation, and Collect Data from Power Apps or other data sources. In short, it helps to Automate quickly and more securely, Boost efficiency and Enhance workflows with AI.

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In this article, we continue to cover the use of 3 simple Power Automate usage to simplify daily activities.

How to send multiple attachments in email using Power Automate?

Let’s say a salesperson wants to attach multiple files to an email with Power Automate. Here we will learn how they can dynamically send multiple files as an Email Attachment by creating a Power Automated Flow. With this, you can speed up your process and increase your overall efficiency. So, let's get started and discuss how we can dynamically send multiple files as an email attachment in one email using Power Automate!

Actionable messages in Microsoft Teams with Adaptive Cards using Power Automate Flows

Actionable Messages let you take quick actions directly from Outlook and Teams. Users can now embed actions in their emails or notifications, increasing user engagement with their services and increasing enterprise efficiency. Adaptive cards can also be used to design Actionable messages. As the name suggests, these cards adapt to the look and feel of the host app. Once you have the design done, copy the card payload and paste it into your flow step and that’s it! In this case, we will be revising a quote with the customer requesting a price discount.

Bulk Edit Multiselect optionset / choices fields using Microsoft Power Automate

Multi-select option sets in Dynamics 365 CRM helps users to pick multiple values from a list for any data within a set of options. Also known as choice columns, one can edit the Multiselect optionset (choices) field can be edited in bulk, but the same has its own challenges. Here, we can overcome this challenge with the help of Power Automate Flow. In this section, we will learn how one can bulk edit Multiselect optionset fields using Power Automate Flow.

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