Data Integration Tools in 2022 Release Wave 1 of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics 365

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We’re really excited about this year’s release of our popular SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365, in conjunction with other SSIS integration solutions. We’ve packed in over 428 improvements, features, and new components across our products, which will help you work more efficiently and simplify your ETL development projects. The new version also includes support for SSIS 2022, keeping you up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft. Finally, from this point on, we’ll only be shipping 64-bit binaries.

KingswaySoft 2022 Release Wave 1


Expanded Features of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We’ve been working hard to develop this release, and we’re pleased to provide new components and features to help you get the job done more quickly. Here are a few of the enhancements:

We added User Multiplexing support in CRM/CDS Connection Manager, which assists you in improving data load performance. The CRM/CDS source component now supports multi-threaded reading when working with the Audit Logs source type. It also has a new source type called Metadata which can be used to extract EntityMetadata, FieldMetadata, LookupMetadata, and OptionSetMetadata from the system.

We now support the REST service endpoint in the NAV connection manager. This is the recommended API interface going forward. We also added support for the new Business Central 2022 Release Wave 1 (v20) and 2022 Release Wave 2 (v21).

Enhanced tools in other KingswaySoft Data Integration Solutions

Here are a few noteworthy new features in our SSIS Integration Solutions of the 2022 Release Wave 1:

What's New - SSIS Productivity Pack
Integrations. We have added support for Calendly,, Chargify, ClickUp, Drift, Google Forms, Jotform, Mailjet, and ShipStation, among many more new services. There have also been important enhancements to our REST Services, including Constant Contact v3 API support and Pardot v5 API support. We’ve added a "License" option in Address Verification Connection Manager when working with SmartyStreet service, which can be used to specify the license or licenses to use for the address verification process.

New Components. The Kafka components are SSIS message queue components that help you connect to Kafka and then read or write data. Okta components can be used to establish connections with an Okta-compliant broker, allowing you to receive and send messages to it. The Power BI components allow you to create two-way integrations with Power BI. They let you produce column data which then can be consumed by a downstream SSIS pipeline component.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for HubSpot
The HubSpot Source and Destination components now support working with the "CRM Associations v4" object. We also added an 'excludeFilteredEvents' filter parameter when reading from the EmailEvents object.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for NetSuite
The NetSuite Source/Destination component now shows Script ID values in the Columns page for custom fields. Additionally, NetSuite API support has been updated to v2022_1.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce
We updated the API support to version 55.0. We also added support for working with a token file stored in Azure Blob Storage by specifying an Azure SAS URL as the token file path in Salesforce Connection Manager.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for QuickBooks
The QuickBooks Source component now supports reading InvoiceLink data from the Invoice object when working with a QuickBooks Online connection. Furthermore, we added "ClassRef" metadata fields to Item objects when working with the QuickBooks Online environment.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for Directory Services
We added Case Insensitive Matching support when working with Manually Specified Keys in the Active Directory Destination for an Active Directory on-premises connection. ‘Client Secret’ is now an optional property when generating an Azure AD OAuth token in Active Directory Connection Manager.

What's New - SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint
We added support for the REST service endpoint in the SharePoint connection manager which provides some advanced integration features that were not possible using the SOAP service endpoint. Also, SharePoint service is now supported in the Premium File System source/destination and Premium Properties Task components.

What's New - KingswaySoft Integration Gateway
We added Business Central and AS2 webhook support, as well as support for Kafka and Azure Queue Storage connections.

Learn More About the 2022 Release Wave 1 of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you interested in upgrading to the latest version? Or would you like to learn how the SSIS Integration Toolkit and the SSIS Productivity Pack can help you integrate your key systems for greater efficiency, productivity, and accuracy? Contact us today to consult our ETL integration experts.


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