Top 5 Ways Sales VP Can Improve Sales With Dynamics 365 Map

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Dynamics 365 Map

Sales VPs are always in a dilemma about the sales numbers. They are keen to try new strategies to increase their sales. They often do not find the results they were expecting. Many reasons are stopping the desired results.

Handling tons of data manually is a task. It is not easy to decide by looking at a data list. We have advanced technology, and Dynamics 365 map plugin is one of them. It lacks clarity and can be seen in the results.

This plugin can help Sales VPs as well as their teams to function in a much better way. It seamlessly integrates with the CRM; you can see all the CRM records on a map. Sales VPs with on-field sales teams would find this plugin a blessing.

If you or your company is not using a map plugin, let us give you some reasons to have one:

By improving the visualization of data
First, if you want your marketing campaigns to succeed, sales to increase, and everything good in this world to happen to you, you need the right insights into all your data. Dynamics CRM is the best when it comes to managing customers' data.

However, having data in a list is not ideal when your job is to meet the clients in person or run a campaign in a particular area. Because in such cases, location data matters the most. And list view is not an ideal choice to have while taking location-based data decisions.

Various things can go wrong with the list view of location data, but the primary factor is visualization. When you cannot visualize the location of your next plan, it might give the results you imagine.

Let's use an example to understand it in depth. Suppose you assign your sales team their daily tasks. Now, you gave them ten clients to meet in a day. But the location of the clients was far from each other. All sales reps have clients to meet in locations far from each other.

If you had a map view, you might have assigned one sales rep to one area so they do not have to travel much. But without a map view, you do not have that understanding, so your sales reps have to spend more time on roads going from place to place.

You can view this map by integrating a Dynamics map plugin with your CRM. The plugin allows you to plot the data on a map. You can apply filters to have a more specific view as well. All the CRM records will be pinned on a map, and you can hover over the pin for more info, link client name, area name, etc. You can customize what data you want on the click.

This plugin helps you visualize your thoughts and execute them better. You can also have heat map visualization to find areas based on the density of customers. This can help you while planning strategies or opening a new branch.

By managing teams more efficiently
Assigning tasks can be easy, but managing everything after that isn't very easy. To keep an eye on everyone's tasks, whether they are completed or not, if not, then what was the reason behind that, what are the challenges they are facing, are they doing their work faithfully, etc.

The major challenge any Sales VP has faced while managing an on-field sales team is that they see a lot of false entries of meeting clients. They do not have clarity on whether their team is meeting all the clients or not. If the team does not perform as they should, there is no way any plans of your Sales VP would ever succeed.

If a sales rep has booked an appointment with your clients, and they do not reach you on time for any reason, it is a stain on your company's image. If a client is ready to allocate their time to meet your sales reps, it becomes inevitable for a company to ensure that the appointment happens on time.

Considering this challenge, the map plugin allows your sales reps to check in whenever they reach for the appointment. They would only be able to check in when they reach the desired location and not anywhere else. The sales VP can have a view of all the sales reps who are currently in meetings.

Once the meeting is completed, the sales reps will check out. They can add the meeting details for the sales VP to refer to. If VPs need to call any of their team members, they can see whether they are busy in a meeting or not and call accordingly.

By empowering their teams
Sales VP got visualization power with the map plugin. They planned their strategies wisely; now it's time for execution. Sales reps have to visit the said customers. It gets difficult for them to reach the location on time. If we go the old way, sales reps might be able to complete their target because we all know that traffic is increasing daily.

They struggle with various reasons, such as traffic, inability to find the right location, road closures, etc., while traveling from one place to another. Also, they have to keep updating the following location on Google Maps, Bing Map, or Apple Maps.

And when they add locations one by one, they cannot figure out whether any client is near their current locations so that later in the day, they do not have to travel back to the same place.

So it is time for sales reps to have some power as well. The Dynamics map plugin has a feature called route optimization. The plugin will give them an optimized route when they are allocated the list of clients to meet. This route will cover all the clients in the shortest way possible. It will also avoid heavy traffic or special conditions like highways or toll booths.

Thus, sales reps would benefit in multiple ways by using this plugin. First, they do not need to enter the locations individually; all the locations will be on the map. Secondly, the map shows when they will reach the location, so they never miss an appointment. They can book appointment timings after considering the traveling time suggested by the map. Lastly, companies will save their employees time which will help them improve productivity. Also, less traveling time means less fuel used. Cut in fuel usage directly adds up to company profits.

By analyzing data extensively
VPs don't have one thing to analyze. They have to keep track of their team performance, sales performance, sales activity, service activity, and the list. Analyzing the data can help fix the current glitches and forecast for improving future strategies.

It is necessary to analyze any changes you have made currently in the system, whether it is going well or not! If not, then analysis can help you fix it before it causes any significant damage. But managing everything manually can be home to human errors, as many data types to consider.

Manage entities, opportunities, sales, leads, priorities, activities, and the reports and analysis dashboard. But the map plugin has it all sorted. You can create different dashboards for different activities. You can have one for an overview, sales performance, etc. You can also create a custom dashboard per your requirement to best use this feature.

By dividing access based on job roles
Data security is essential, especially when you have so much confidential information. The VPs must ensure they share only the required information with their teammates. But when dealing with so much data, such bifurcation can be a little challenging.

The map plugin has a feature where you can give different access to employees based on their job roles. All your data would not be accessible to everyone. They would see only the information they have access to.

Every organization uses tools to improve the quality and productivity of their work, but having the right tool by your side can make an impact. Look out for a plugin that can simplify your work and help you use the data in the best way possible. The dynamics 365 map plugin is one such plugin. Dynamics 365 users can integrate this plugin and explore its features to benefit their organization. Sales VPs can benefit majorly from this tool as it brings in more clarity and visualization of CRM data. Its impact can be seen in the sales number and execution of all plans. You can get it custom-developed or find a company that already has it. Using ready-to-use apps will save time. If you have any additions, they generally customize it with extra charges. Also, you get customer support until you understand your products well.

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