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Maps integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Business expansion is an important part of business growth as it helps your company reach a wider audience and thereby increasing your customer base. By expanding business, companies can offer their products and services to a wider audience. Also acquiring new customers is an effective way to increase sales, which in turn increases the company's profitability. For example, Cooks and Wares are in the handicraft goods business. Hailing from a small village in England, they used to sell their products locally. Soon they realized that they could grow very limited in the rural areas and decided to expand the business to bigger cities and newer countries because expansion not only attracts new customers but also increases the value of the available products.

All of this to say, business expansion is an important part of growing a business.  When making decisions about business growth, one needs to carefully evaluate their business needs, goals, and current performance. Growing one’s business allows one to explore new opportunities that can be incredibly profitable, but one must make sure they are moving in the right direction. Cook and Wares experienced very rapid growth but also started facing problems like high cash burn rates, employee attrition, and a lack of quality control. As they expanded rapidly, they started getting resources they didn't need in the wrong places i.e. in the form of transport, money, and people affecting the quality of their products and services.

Imagine if Cook and Wares had Maplytics at their disposal. Maplytics is a locational intelligence app that helps in Maps Integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and plots its data on the map, allowing users to analyze it, mass-update it, plan optimized routes for sales reps, draw and auto-assign territories, implement advanced automation, and much more. Thereby, helping Cooks and Wares to reduce costs and improve efficiency. With Maplytics, they can spend more time developing relationships, building trust, and understanding other future needs. Cooks and Wares can use features like Route Optimization, Auto Scheduling, Radius Search, Territory Management, Census Data, Heat Maps, and others to optimize their daily operations! Let’s see how Maplytics is useful for Cooks and Wares and many such businesses who need the power of location intelligence within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps)


Going global means that Cooks and Wares are considering language as a key driver of growth, especially when they are doing business and dealing with native speakers across borders. Language connects people, so when users see their native language a connection gets established. Maplytics currently offers compatibility in 7 different languages. These include English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. Maplytics easily recognizes and picks up the language of Dynamics 365. With this language support, skilled representatives and other employees from Cooks and Wares can easily communicate and understand their global superiors, as well as create awareness, understand local requirements, and acquire new customers.

Detailed CRM Records

When planning a strategy, it's important to look at the business data, especially in industries where location affects the top line. Maplytics understands the importance of data and helps visualize data for material suppliers, transporters, manufacturing companies, packaging, and distribution in Dynamics 365. The decision-makers in Cooks and Wares can easily analyze the situations and can get instant clarity. A simple hover over the pin helps show the details of the clients. Records in the form of prices, productions, discounts, the number of cars, transportation costs, and many more, can also be checked by geocoding Dynamics 365 data. Thus, helping people from Cooks and Wares make more informed decisions.

Route Optimization & Advance Scheduling

With Cooks and Wares, their transportation has hundreds of destinations to deliver and salespersons that have many clients to visit, so planning ahead can be a good solution. Small improvements to their field sales team routes can not only help them deliver packages or serve their clients faster but can have a significant impact on their bottom line. With the popular feature of auto-scheduling in place, the Deliveries and meetings can be pre-scheduled with a fixed time and location. With the pre-plotted travel routes in the Maplytics truck routing feature, Cooks and Wares can maximize deliveries and meetings while incorporating multiple criteria including driver schedules, available hours, total stops, and fulfilment estimates, among others. Using Automatic Scheduling and Optimized Routing, Cooks and Wares can gain strength, flexibility, stability, scale, and efficiency.

Effective Marketing Strategies

In this era of globalization, most countries have people from different nationalities, races, languages, etc. Although people share many common characteristics, they are very different from each other. People in the form of customers and clients have their individuality.  Maplytics features like Census data, Heat maps, and Land area mapping can help Cooks and Wares to better plan, execute, and improve their marketing campaigns. They can visualize marketing campaign data to identify the right target audience and develop personalized messaging helping in better sales conversion. Maplytics aids in analyzing local survey results and other collected data to help understand the region's Target group and expectations.

Utilizing Maplytics in diverse markets

Accuracy and routing efficiency aids in every aspect of business, helping to increase the use of resources to simplify the work of workers and employees in the field. Maplytics helps reduce labor costs by providing more focused work processes that increase productivity for any organization. With timely meetings, customer satisfaction can grow as Cooks and Wares can meet their deliverables and user obligations. Maplytics with its compatibility on desktops, tablets, and mobiles help Cooks and Wares reach their potential by harnessing the data in their Dynamics CRM. With efficient operations and analytics, they can focus on growth, productivity, expansion, and ways to tread into newer markets while expanding their current reach.

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