Managing Business Territories with the Smartness of Location Intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

Change is the only constant not just in lives but also in businesses. It takes moments for a unique product from a startup such as cookie dough from the Cookiedonyc to become an instant hit among the masses and for a trusted, old brand like Kodak to get its market shrunk completely. Like an engineer needs to keep upgrading his knowledge to keep up with the technology and to be relevant to his employer, a business too, needs to upgrade its processes, products, and services to not just remain relevant but also a hot favorite. As quoted by several great visionaries, the world market shifts at the drop of a hat, and those who adopt quickly survive and flourish.

A large workforce with creative, intellectual minds does not always ensure the successful upgradation of businesses, but a well-managed, assigned, and organized workforce surely does. Managing sales territories is one of the most important parts of efficient workforce management. Territory Management provides a visual perspective of data to decision-makers and helps assign team members comfortably thereby saving time, and resources, and increasing productivity.

Territory management aids in the segmentation of a region based on demographic data and mapping out the most effective ways to connect with the potential customers in that specific region. Territory Mapping in Dynamics 365 helps reps use their knowledge, experience, and resources to focus on all the collected leads and potential clients. Territory management helps in covering multiple geographies strategically by optimizing each rep’s time. The management can also have a bird’s eye view of the performance which could help in forecasting and future decision-making.

Maplytics, the 5-star rated, preferred app on the Microsoft AppSource integrates CRM Records with the maps and extracts learnings using location intelligence to align sales territories, optimize travel routes, schedule appointments in advance for client meets, and more. It helps businesses capture the power of Location Intelligence and enhance themselves as per the markets. The Territory Management feature of Maplytics eases out the daily operations for the field reps as well as the managers.

As a Territory visualization tool, it helps users visualize their sales territory, categorize them by sales reps, and understand how each part of the territory is performing. The user can easily manage a territory in Dynamics 365 by Map Integration in Dynamics 365 using Maplytics. A company dealing in pesticides required for agriculture can visualize the sales territories on the map by region, postal codes, hand-drawn shapes, etc. They can also feed in the data using the shape/ excel files and provide organized records to create efficient territories and define the organization’s plan of action. Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

As a Territory Mapping tool, Maplytics allows users to copy, move, or recombine the geography to other territories or create new territory directly on the map. This process is done using an alignment tool that allows actions such as select, deselect all, select multiple geographies, and delete. A solar panel manufacturing company can automate its manual & repetitive tasks of creating territories by using the Auto Creation of Territories features and save a lot of user time. Auto creation also ensures the territories formed are balanced and the reps responsible for the territories are not overburdened.

Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

Maplytics being a Territory Assignment tool as well, a Baklava manufacturing company can simply assign the formed territories to the team and they are ready to go. It is taken that the created territories need to be approved by the top management or teams. For this scenario, Maplytics offers a “Draft territory feature”. The Managers at the Baklava producer can temporarily create territories that can be presented for reference in a draft form. Once approved, they can create territories in the final form and then assign them to the reps responsible.

Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

Once the territories are ready, the next actions can be automated using auto-scheduling to establish direct conversations with leads and customers. With Auto scheduling, organizations can automate a multi-day schedule with route planners and appointments for multiple fields & sales reps. Once done the real-time sales performance can be visualized by a simple look at the territories created in Dynamics CRM and the future workflow can be planned with easy accessibility on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Maplytics helps organizations gain additional insights before management & the teams by using Dynamics 365 territory management. With proper integration between the territories, Organizations can increase their chance for a head start based on what another territory learned.

Managing business territories with the smartness of Location Intelligence

The potential of Maplytics and its features when understood well can work wonders for any business. To explore them further, do have a look at our application based blogs and a well-rounded video library. Also, write us your mapping needs at and get a free demo and a Q/A session scheduled especially based on your requirements and queries.

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