Improve the Customer Experience With Dynamics 365 and Other Microsoft Tools

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As your technology partner, we understand a top priority for any organization is to improve the customer experience. There are many Microsoft tools and technologies available that when implemented correctly, can benefit your customer base in a major way. Ensuring customer information is secure, easily managing and reporting on data, and automating business processes are just a few of the ways Microsoft technologies can better your business, and thereby improve overall customer satisfaction.

Here are several customer stories that showcase specific Microsoft tools, and the benefits JourneyTEAM clients have seen from implementing them:

Improved Accessibility, and In-Person Assistance

A national healthcare organization modernized its technology stack to increase accessibility and improve customer service. They chose Dynamics 365 Field Service for its robust security features and accessibility options. This organization was able to gain updates via mobile access by their technicians on-the-go, and provide updates to customers before and after each in-person service. Customers were satisfied with the efficiency of the repair and installations, as well as appreciated the communication updates about the service they received.

Simplified Voting Experience

One financial services client improved and simplified their voting process in their annual meeting, to ensure all of their customer's voices were heard. This was done by using Azure services with Microsoft Teams to allow the voting capabilities to hold up to 10,000 votes. They were able to record and track votes, as well as save precious time and resources from having to collect and count the votes manually.

Quicker Loans and Hassle-free Customer Interactions

Another financial services organization that grants loans was able to move its environment from on-prem to the cloud. This allowed their employees easier access and approval of  information, as well as allowed automated processes to be rolled forth. Because of the simplified user experience, their customers were then granted loans quicker, and customers had a hassle-free experience when logging in to view their loan updates.

Improved Collaboration on Documentation

SharePoint acted as an ideal knowledge management solution for one organization. They now had optimal storage capabilities, as well as simplified access to client files. Customers could now collaborate on files at the same time as their financial advisors, and complete paperwork quickly and seamlessly, while knowing their personal information was secure. Only specified users and users with the right permission would be able to see and edit that customer's documentation.

Timely Shipping and Order Updates

Another healthcare company connected its ERP and CRM systems, Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales, to best track all of its customer data in one location. by connecting these two platforms, both users and customers gained real-time insights into customer orders and shipping information. Customers could now call in for updates, and be given consistent and accurate information on their orders.

Organized Client Files and an Automated Sales Process

A manufacturing organization was now able to manage its client information and profiles using Dynamics 365. They could now manage their sales leads and opportunities, as well as their current clients in one place, and gain valuable insights into how to serve similar clients. Client interactions and history were clicks away for the user, allowing them to move customers further along the sales life-cycle more seamlessly and quickly.

Partner With JourneyTEAM

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 can bring powerful benefits to your organization, regardless of business size or industry. JourneyTEAM knows how to customize the tools in the Microsoft stack to meet your business needs and desired outcomes. Contact JourneyTEAM with any questions today!


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