Improve One Touch Resolution rates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

First contact resolution (FCR) or One Touch Resolution rates serve as an important indicator of customer support success and is a crucial element of customer relationship management (CRM). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an integrated CRM solution that provides numerous options to drive high FCR rates by using out of the box features:

  1. Knowledge Management: Customer information is made accessible with the Knowledge Base functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Customer Service agents can resolve issues faster with knowledge articles, reducing average call handling time. Customers can use knowledge management search capabilities across self-service channels such as portals to solve issues themselves, lowering support ticket volume and also driving up customer satisfaction.
  2. Self-Service Customer Portal: Empower your customers with Microsoft Power Apps Customer Portal. Add a knowledge base, a community forum and a FAQ page as well as the ability to log support tickets and enable your customers to take matters into their own hands. Client-facing portals promote users to collaborate, share tips, and get insights from experts and external users. Increase client retention, encourage repeat business transactions, and let your customers feel valued and engaged.
  3. Customer Service Chatbot: Integrate a Power Virtual Agents bot to automate routine conversations, which allow agents to focus on higher-value interactions. Leave no customer unattended with Chatbots that are available to help 24/7 thus ensuring customers are never left without a support option. Chatbots can address customer problems and answer frequently asked questions. Powered by AI, they can resolve even complex issues such as order returns and missed deliveries by doing refunds and replacements.  Power Virtual agents also offers real-time transcription, live sentiment analysis and real-time translation allowing for a positive cyclical loop to continually improve your knowledge base.

The secret to achieving a high First Call Resolution rate is to give customers self-service capabilities through better self-service portals, and chatbots, all supported by an extensive knowledge base. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as a service management software, cases will be resolved quicker and more efficiently. Customers, agents, and repeat business will all go hand in hand if you implement this adjustment and invest money on technology.


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