Dynamics 365 Data Export Service Deprecation – Data Export Replacement Add-on

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Back in November 2021, Microsoft announced it would be deprecating the Data Export Service (DES). While the successor Microsoft is offering, Azure Synapse Link, has powerful features for data analysis, it is also missing some ETL features that many depend on. For example, there is no control over the database tables populated on the Synapse side.

This, of course, leaves many scrambling to find a suitable solution to meet their unique needs, as DES will reach its end-of-life in November of this year.

We at KingswaySoft understand your needs, and we have a premier solution that accomplishes everything you could do with Dynamics 365 Data Export Service, and more.

Powerful Tools for your Dynamics 365 Data Export Needs.

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We offer two flagship data integration tools that can be combined to fill the void left by DES: SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SSIS Productivity Pack. Together, they offer the most comprehensive feature set on the market, allowing you to perform the most complex integrations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with nearly any other application, including database and data warehousing solutions.

One common use case that DES fulfilled, but Synapse fails to deliver, is replicating your Dynamics 365 CE/Dataverse database to an SQL Server database on Azure or your local on-premises server. We’ll give you a summary of how it’s done here; for full details, you can read our blog post that gives a full, step-by-step treatment of the topic.

For starters, you’ll need three crucial utilities from the aforementioned toolsets:

  1. CDS/Dynamics CRM Source component available in SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. Premium ADO.NET Source Component available in the SSIS Productivity Pack
  3. Premium ADO.NET Destination Component available in the SSIS Productivity Pack

For each entity that you will integrate (or replicate), you will need to create an ETL process, like the diagram in the above image. Using our tools, you can expect performance to be a priority, since we default to extracting the Dataverse/CRM records incrementally, using deltas. A Full Sync is a dependable fallback option to ensure data integrity.

For multiple entities, the setup time can be shortened by copying the first process and pasting it into a new SSIS package, modifying it for each entity, rather than setting up each one manually.

Our approach allows you to create separate SSIS packages for each process, keeping concerns separate, or you can combine multiple processes into a single package, setting the ReadToken, InputToken, and OutputToken variables accordingly to maintain separation of concerns within the package while keeping administration simple.

These data workflows are easy to set up and require only minimal maintenance to keep running faithfully and reliably. You only need to stay alert to changes in the source system metadata, making the appropriate adjustments to the process to accommodate the differences. That way, you avoid having only a partial, or even broken, data transfer. But don’t worry, manually refreshing in this manner only takes a few clicks for each entity.

Would you like to see how it’s done? Check out our detailed blog post.

The Best Replacement – Backed by the Data Integration Experts

Our tools are based on the same technology as DES, giving you a nearly identical experience behind the scenes. Many of our features, including Entity Changes, have been in the field for years and are battle-tested, giving you the confidence that your data will be migrated reliably.

At KingswaySoft, we pride ourselves on offering sophisticated software solutions that make data integration both simple and affordable. We provide powerful, no-code tooling that thousands of clients from over 100 countries rely on every day to create efficient business processes and make the most of their information assets.

Would you like to know more? Contact us today to find out how we can help your data flow effortlessly.


By KingswaySoft, www.kingswaysoft.com

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