5 Major Benefits of Microsoft's Power Platform

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In order to access the empowering benefits of Microsoft’s Power Platform, one first needs to understand what the Power Platform is. Microsoft’s Power Platform is a powerful tool that connects with other Microsoft platforms (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, etc.) to build automated end-to-end business solutions. It consists of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. These tools that make up the Power Platform have agility without limits, meaning they can be widely customized to adapt with other tools and fulfill almost any desired business outcome.

Shared below are 5 benefits a technical team will gain from working within Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Simplified User Experience

Microsoft’s Power Platform makes the life of the average user much easier. Power Apps is just one of the tools that make information and processes readily available and easy to use with just a few clicks. Users can also operate between different areas of the Power Platform seamlessly as data is consistent in each location. Users can access and update said data from anywhere, and current information will be updated across the board.

The Power Platform’s main purpose is to automate and digitize repeatable business processes to save your business resources and time. Power Platform automates daily tasks that will save your business money, and even reduce errors that often occur when things are completed manually.

Improve Customer Service

A common goal among almost any business is to improve customer service and ensure customers are satisfied with the business’s product/service. Microsoft’s Power Platform can be implemented with other Microsoft solutions to ensure data is connected and communicating with one another. Doing so ensures customer data is accurate and easily accessible by the user, and thereby allows current information to be given to customers. Using the Power Platform, customers have peace of mind their personal information is properly stored and secure and can be updated when needed.

One Source of Truth

The sub tools within Microsoft’s Power Platform integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft technologies. When your data and reporting tools are communicating with one another, it makes it incredibly easy to compare statistics in real time. Thanks to the Power Platform’s ability to update daily, your business team will have updated insights at their fingertips. Users can be confident no matter the source, their data is accurate and consistent.

Power Platform can also hold a variety of data all at once, including customer, financial, and sales. Power Platform allows your data to be stored in a one-stop-shop and limit your need for adding additional systems and overcomplicating processes.

Goal Insights and Projections

The Power Platform has several tools that provide actionable reports and insights built from your business's gathered data. Power BI is the most common and versatile tool for data reporting within the Power Platform. Power BI gives employees visual reports of their performance data in easy-to-understand ways. You can also see potential projects and trends based on current data in the form of graphs, charts, etc. Power BI connects with a Customer Relationship Management or Enterprise Resource Planning system (such as Dynamics 365) and allows you to best make sense of the shared data and make actionable data-driven decisions.

Process Automation

Another one of Microsoft Power Platform’s most widely used tools is Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow. Power Automate is used to automate business processes and operations within another tool or system. Its aim is to use automation to simplify business processes and improve operations that used to be required to be done manually. For example, a business wanted to put an approval process in place that would allow their manufacturing team to order and receive new products when needed in their warehouse. Power Automate could be used to take the order form created in another Microsoft system, and automatically send it to the manager that needed to approve the order, then Power Automate would ship the order off to the supplier. The only thing that needed to be done manually was fill out the order, and the manager gives their approval. Power Automate got the task to the right people, with the right permissions, and fast.

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  1. Using Power Automate, it is possible to automate the process of sending an order form created in another Microsoft system to the manager responsible for approving the order. This automation ensures that the order is reviewed and approved by the manager before it is sent to the supplier.

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