Top 10 Reasons Your Sales Team Needs Dynamics 365 Map Integration

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Dynamics 365 Map

Businesses with on-field sales teams would understand the struggle of handling on-field sales teams. It is challenging to get clarity on their performance and work. Calling each other for minor updates is a tedious and frustrating task for both sales reps and managers.

There are tools on the market that can help one manage teams more efficiently and also help improve productivity. But a business already uses a lot of tools on an everyday basis. Using one more can complicate matters even more. 

Dynamics CRM users are lucky in that regard. There are plugins in the market that one can integrate with their CRM and benefit from its advanced features. Moreover, for businesses with a vast on-field sales team, Dynamics Map is a must.

What is Dynamics 365 Map?

It is a Dynamics plugin that assimilates with your Dynamics 365. You can therefore have all your CRM data with a map view. Not just that, it is loaded with so many advanced features that resource management would become smoother. 

This plugin is for you if you have a sales team and find it laborious to handle resources. If you still have reservations, keep reading to know why your sales team needs a Dynamics 365 map integration.

Increase Data Visualization Power

The two essential elements that matter to the sales team are numbers and locations. They have to predict numbers according to the regions they belong to. Visualizing numbers according to the regions they belong to is complex.

Visualizing location on a datasheet is challenging, so your sales team needs map integration. You can integrate the map plugin with your Dynamics 365 CRM and visualize all the data on the map.

This integration would increase the data visualization power of your Sales VP. They would be able to make better decisions, and their strategies would show results.

View All CRM Records on a Map

According to you, what situation would give more clarity and understanding:

A: Viewing records on CRM

B: Viewing records on Map

It is better to view a record on its exact location rather than reading the location details. This plugin also allows you to filter the records and view only specific entities on a map and not everything. You can filter regions, territories and locations to view desired results.

It depends on you how much information you want to see there. You can draw shapes or select regions to view information from only that specific region. The pins on the map would have all other information like the client's name, designation, detailed address, contact information, etc. Customize the information you want to see and ignore the information you do not want to see.

Identify Nearby Customers

While planning a marketing campaign or a meeting at some banquet, managers always try to find locations near clients' locations. If the given location is far from their place, they might not attend it. But how can we figure out what cafe or banquet to choose that works for all the clients/potential customers you want to meet?

This plugin has a feature called proximity search that shows you the surrounding clients. For instance, if you want to organize a meetup at the ABC banquet, keeping it in the center, you can find the clients around it in a radius of 5 miles (or whatever works for you). You will know who and how many clients fall under this proximity to invite them.  

Managers can also use this feature to meet an old client if they are nearby quickly. Sales reps can use free slots from canceled meetings to meet other clients. They just have to search for the clients near them using proximity search and use their time wisely.

Always Go via the Shortest Route

Sales reps struggle a lot as they travel the whole day—irrespective of the weather condition, they must complete their task. No sales rep would like to spend their day stuck in traffic or going from place to place to find the client's location. 

It becomes difficult for them to access their mobile phones and find client locations, add them to the map, find the route and reach the destination, especially in rainy weather. They keep adding details manually, and then they can move forward with the route.

With voice navigation, they can easily reach the location. Reps don’t have to manually add details as the map fetches client location details from the CRM. The map plugin automatically makes the shortest route covering all the locations for the day.

Check-in/Check-out for Meetings

False data can hinder a product's improvement or force employees to overwork themselves. Two very distinct statements that have one feature that can solve both problems.

For a business, while launching a new product, feedback matters the most to improvise the product. But what if your sales rep never reached the client with the product or for feedback? As you do not have any technology that shows they met them, they can say that they met the clients while in reality, they have not.

As you do not have any digitized data on total hours spent in a meeting and traveling, you might give impossible targets for sales reps to meet. They would then overwork themselves to finish deadlines.

None of the above-mentioned reasons will help an organization in the long run. It is crucial to resolve this issue. Map plugin has a feature called check-in and check-out. So, whenever sales reps reach the client location, they check in, and once the meeting is over, they can check out. 

As a business, you would have digital information on how much time went behind all the meetings and assign the task to the sales reps accordingly. No employees of yours have to overwork because of you. 

Geofencing for Verification

Now, you might have a question after reading the above point: What if the sales reps check in from any random location and check out after some time, just to say they have met the clients?

There can be situations where people are not that faithful to the organization. In that case, the map plugin uses advanced technology called geofencing that allows users to check in only when they have reached the desired location. They cannot check in from anywhere else. This ensures all the entries are genuine, and chances of false play vanish.

Choose Language of Your Choice

Language is supposed to help you communicate. Having business overseas or having employees from all over the world, language can become a barrier. Your employees might be unable to efficiently handle their daily tasks because they struggle to understand the tool.

Language should not be a reason that hampers your employee’s productivity. And that is why these tools have multiple language support. Such features are added keeping in mind the diversity of an organization.

Increased Data Security

An organization needs to handle all the confidential information about clients. Publishing all the information to all the employees of an organization is not a good idea. And that is why this plugin has features like security templates.

You can create varied security templates based on roles. The employees would only have access to information based on their roles and nothing else. Thus, you can keep data available and safe.

Data Analysis Made Easy

It is difficult to analyze data, especially when it is unpredictable and constantly varying. The map plugin has a solution to this. You can have an overview of sales activity, refer to follow-up data, track leads, and performance, etc., to plan your weekly and monthly activity. You can also have a heat map for better visualization and understanding of sales performance in different regions.

 Pre-plan Your Team's Schedule 

Initially, the planning team’s schedule took hours. Managers had to spend a lot of their time on these activities. But with the map plugin, you have all your CRM data on the map itself. You have to select the clients and assign them to your team members. You can also plan weekly and monthly schedules and share them with the team.

Wrapping Up

Sales reps are the wheels running many businesses. If you or your team is facing challenges in accomplishing your goals, it requires quick attention. Solving the issue by adding one more tool is not the solution. But if you can have something that integrates with your existing system, it's a win-win situation.

Dynamics CRM users have to integrate one plugin with their CRM and get the advantage of numerous features. As of now, some companies offer ready-to-use plugins. You can also get it developed for your business, but it can be a time-consuming process. Moreover, development would cost you more. However, if you find a plugin that you like but want some changes in it, you can customize it to your liking. You can have this integration up and running within a week.

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